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by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (for short RTV) It is introduced in the 1860 s a new type of silicone elastomer, the most striking characteristics of the rubber is without heating, pressure can be in situ curing at room temperature, use very convenient. Comes out, therefore, has become the an important part of organic silicon products. Besides silicone products molding, now at room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber has been widely used as adhesives, sealants, protective coatings, potting and moulding materials, in all walks of life has its USES. Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber due to the low molecular weight, therefore, long known as liquid silicone rubber, its physical form is usually can flow of fluid or sticky paste, its viscosity between 100 ~ 1000000 mm stoke. According to the requirements of use, can match the vulcanized rubber before to go into the perfusion of material flow or not but can besmear blow be bored with child. Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber products used in the packing like high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber, the white carbon black reinforcing, make vulcanizates has 10 to 60 kg/cm 2 break strength. Add different additives can make the rubber with different density, hardness, strength, fluidity and thixotropy, and make the vulcanizates flame-retardant, conductive, thermal conductivity, resistance to erosion, etc. Various kinds of special performance. Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber according to the packaging methods can be divided into single component and two-component RTV silicone rubber, can be divided into the condensation type according to the mechanism of sulfide and molding. Therefore RTV silicone rubber according to the composition, curing mechanism and using process can be divided into three different types, namely the one-component RTV silicone rubber, bicomponent condensation RTV silicone rubber and two-component RTV silicone rubber molding. One-component and type two-component condensation RTV silicone rubber is alpha, omega Dihydroxy polysiloxane; And room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber molding is containing olefin and hydrogen side group ( Or end group) Polysiloxane, because during ripening, often in the case of a slightly higher than the room temperature ( 50~150℃) Can get good cure effect, so, also called low temperature vulcanization silicone rubber ( LTV) 。
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