Rising power cable demand, transformation of silicone rubber products factory in new opportunities!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
According to the understanding of silicone rubber products in the power cable markets around the world last year reached staggering market scale, cable market scale in the whole year of 2017 to 9. More than $500 million, this year is expected to increase after playing to more than 30%, is the national region how important it is to the development of electric power, the silica gel products as a variety of semiconductor industry and auxiliary material, on the national industrial material also occupies the absolute advantage, usher in new opportunities in the future demand for silicon rubber cable? Report revealed that silicon rubber power cable is generally used in 1 36 kv voltage transmission and distribution of the circuit. Working temperature for - silicone rubber wire conductor 80 ~ 180 ℃, has higher heat resistance and excellent cold resistance. Even if the temperature and frequency change, can maintain a relatively stable performance. It also has excellent electrical insulation properties, corona resistance and arc resistance, even if the outdoor exposure show no significant change after a few years. In addition it also has low water absorption and good mildew resistance, good thermal conductivity, special soft and easy to install, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, no bad effect to human body health. In terms of the structure of industry, silicon rubber power cable industry is highly fragmented. From large multinational companies to small private companies of all sorts of manufacturers are competitive in the industry. The top 10 producers of income about 34 of the market. 58%. From the perspective of the actual data of known, in 2015, China took a 35 production market. 89%. Followed by the United States and Europe, respectively of the total global industry in the 21st. 25% and 20. 05%. The output of other countries relatively few. From the point of geography, China is the world's largest consumer market, followed by the United States and Europe. Prediction, the silicon rubber power cable revenue will continue to maintain growth, annual growth rate of 1 ~ 3%, slightly higher growth in Europe and China. Considering the current requirement of silicon rubber power cable, the report says the industry still has a bright prospect. As for product price, with the intensification of competition, a slow downward trend in recent years will continue in the coming years. Also, gross margin will fluctuate. From the point of manufacturers, prysmian ( Including general cable has acquired) , nexon, sumitomo electric, LS cable, the ancient river electrician, the downtown cable, cable, the far east energy, wisdom lenny, Hitachi cable, cable and cable will become the industry's leading cable silicone rubber products manufacturers.
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