Return the Spring Festival, the long journey whether you need a silicone products?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
Say goodbye to in the New Year, a lot of friends began returning back to work from home, and a lot of home return journey is belong to the distant, there are quite a few friends are driving back and forth, there are many is to take the train car journey to the length of time, there was no need to prepare for short-range, and for a long time it must be prepared to return the way some life prerequisite products, for this small make up here introduce a couple of long trips and practical environmental protection silicone commodities recommend something for you, let you more convenience in the middle of the road, rest assured to use more health. For long distance driving on the road a friend, a cup of tea is the best way to refresh when long distance driving so hard to avoid can make a cup of tea on the car, so the silicone vacuum cup but like tea best friends, beautiful color transparent material is qualitative soft, comfortable, even used to drink water also have a happy mood, silica glass can be divided into several kinds, and water glass can be normally used folding way, easy to receive, directly open the can, when used on the journey with a silica gel glass, is also a good choice, so the return of the broad masses of friends can be introduced for the Spring Festival. On the train, car parking service at the dinner table to the restaurant tableware health question, the silicone bowl chopsticks, silica gel plates, such as tableware and can come in handy. Silica gel tableware made of food grade silicone raw materials production of raw materials belong to high transparent organic molecules, environmental non-toxic materials, 100% is a smooth surface so convenient cleaning, resistant to high temperature above 200 degrees, after the use of high temperature disinfection to ensure that the secondary USES health safety, and soft silicone material can prevent broken, is the most suitable for children to use. If time more than 20 hours, it is recommended that the silicone finger toothbrush is on the way to carry items, one of the silica gel under the support of these features, more soft silicone toothbrush bristles, and adsorption. When brushing your teeth don't hurt the enamel, soft brush can be used to brush your teeth gum massage bed, still can brush coating on the tongue. Due to the strong physiological inert silicone, no oxidation, no degradation, not deformation, plus the silicone hydrophobic good, and no mildew, high permeability, high temperature resistant, brush head can be boiled disinfection, thus more environmental health. So the return of the Spring Festival travel the road carrying convenient commodities is very important, do not need too much but need practical effect, then why you can't let the silicone products with you guys? Xiamen silicone products factory - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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