Real silicone doll usage | silicone doll how to maintenance and repair

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Solid silicone dolls to use: before use utensils disinfection spray disinfection with appeal, also can use wet towel or disinfect 75% of medical alcohol cotton to wipe utensils disinfection, lubricant must apply when using the human body, to let inside keep enough lubrication, or wear very lubrication condoms, if inside enough lubrication, easy to cause the instrument out at the entrance of gel products. With tap water will be inside of the appliance after use rinse clean lubricant, using sex toys spray disinfection disinfection, can be used antiseptic wipes or % 75 medical alcohol cotton wipes for inside disinfected, appliance in the warm water to clean after 2 - 3 minutes, or natural air dry towel dry inside and surface, in a dark place. Silicone doll clothing apparel methods: silica gel entity dolls while limbs can activity, but it has a certain range is limited; Set the doll wear clothes, to protect the baby skin, please pay attention to the points: 1. Anti-sticking prickly heat powder may be used. Doll surface) viscosity. You should brush after bath powder or talcum powder to wear clothes. If there is static electricity, can use in addition to electrostatic spray. But don't spray too much. 2. Prevent the body bent too much. When wearing the dress, please visit the arm distortion is too high, can cause silicone doll surface rupture. 3. Pay attention to the scratch, please do not wear clothes and accessories, and with a sharp edge may cut the doll. If the clothes have sharp button or chains to wait adorn article. Please do be careful while dressing. 4. Piercing the ear or umbilical hole, earrings to wait adorn article, can use wire or needle prick on silicon cavity, but no more than o. 5 mm in diameter, and Cuan body and cut with a knife. And after wearing earrings can't pull, in case the broken doll. 5. Prevent staining, some clothes use dyeing artificial leather or other oily materials is made. Long-term exposure to this kind of leather or cloth doll is likely to make the color inside your doll, cause baby skin discoloration, do not give dolls dressed in such clothes for a long time, lest cause doll discoloration. For silicone doll repair method: a. Silicone doll is very soft, improper use are prone to rupture and fold, and even damage. In use, baby skin in case of breakdown, please stop using immediately, be repaired. First of all, you can use repairing adhesive repair. b。 Although soft silicone products, but improper use will fracture and fold, and even damage. In use, do not use sharp objects in contact with silicon surface, Some people like to nail force choke pressure in areas such as the breast, try softness, often regret leaving nails printing, avoid by all means is avoid by all means. ) Once produced incision, do not cut the silica gel, silica gel, gradually in the direction of the incision tear easily when they continue to use, completely damage. The doll in the event of rupture, please stop using immediately, be repaired. Please use we provide silicone adhesive repair. If there is a gap, please adjust the doll to split fold posture, cleaning fissure and surrounding besmirch, leave to dry after use glue daub fissure, fixed gap, wait for dry adhesive curing. Silicone adhesive cured need 24 hours, please do not move during extrusion dolls, specific methods can be consulting us; We will answer one by one for you. If you want to experience a new entity silica gel doll 2109 consulting entity silica gel doll experience pavilion: 13509802066 ( WeChat with Numbers) , address near foshan ZhangGe relevant article recommended: how much silicone dolls | domestic entity silica gel doll factory price
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