Rapid belt you know silicone manufacturers of plastic and silicone

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
As some smart products in recent years, the related accessories also slowly attention, such as silica gel, following from silicone buttons and so on, the most common is the silicone products and plastic products, as a silicone products manufacturer to introduce you to the two kinds of products. Advantages and application of the silica gel from the silicone products manufacturer for silicone material we are using a lot of articles for daily use food grade high transparency silicone material. It also is a kind of rubber and plastic materials, as early as the 19th century has been studies have shown that it belongs to the rubber material of the environmental protection basic no harm a synthetic rubber, environmental non-toxic, because the material is superior in when simple production process, such as liquidity and anti senile than the plastic material is superior, the above process cost is lower than plastic, secondary flow molding products after epidemic, elasticity, tensile and tearing resistance will gradually in the process of use of the product. Prominent advantage is belongs to the non-toxic environmentally friendly products, not any conflict to the body, the disadvantage is that permeability is bad, can produce electrostatic adsorption force is too strong. The advantages and application of plastic plastic material belong to our common PU, PC material, such as when the manufacturer production using extrusion process, molding, blow molding process. The main advantages are abrasion resistant, oil resistant, transparent, good elasticity, excellent electrical insulation, extensibility, dimensional stability and resistance to chemical corrosion resistance, heat resistance and cold resistance, but also has self-extinguishing, flame retardant, shading, etc. In addition to meet the requirements of product function, quality and appearance of. Design must be made of plastic injection mould processing is simple, low cost, and parts of injection time is short, high efficiency, less defect parts, high quality, which is oriented to the design of the injection molding processing.
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