Rapid belt you know silica gel products processing

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Silica gel products is by silicone mold inside the vulcanizing machine high temperature forming, average temperature in 180 - probably - - Between 230 degrees, in the process of forming, mainly is the reaction of the sulfide, silicone mold and make crafts special die at the same time, the characteristics of the silicone is high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance, resistance to tear strength, high simulation precision, the special die is to do all sorts of handicraft. Introduced the specific steps. Mould opening the first step in the silica gel products: general custom silicone products are need to open mold, the choice of the form of mould and die line selection is very important, it is convenient to modulus, 2 it is mould line should fall in does not affect the overall effect of the product, 3 it is does not affect the product quality, such as some miscellaneous pieces of silicone, especially now is some silica gel supplies. Different structure leads to close touch line is different, some products touch line according to the appearance of the product to choose the best position to open, so it not only conducive to the production of silicone products, appearance is very beautiful. And close touch line because is too high, resulting in waste rubber, and ultimately increase on production cost. To reduce profits. Step 2 silicone products sandblasting: mold opening, the important step of sandblasting, for the process of sandblasting, also is not each set of mold are going step-by-step, a little mold don't need such a tool, the details for later will answer for you. Step 3 silicone products including color and rubber mixing: and then according to the formula will be the color of the silica gel. Silica gel when allocating should be performed according to the direction of the irregular stirring, now most factories use big rubber mixing machine, such as rubber mixing machine is easy operation, fast and refining, it won't because time delay cause rubber exposed to the air oxidation, the last is to make the vulcanizing agent and silicone thoroughly incorporated. When the batch of products need color modulation, mixing is the most important one annulus, color contrast will start from this, a lot of product color difference is very big, the main problem is almost here, the density of rubber and deposited in the air time will cause the overall color changes. Silicone mold from processing to production is a long process, carefully these for silicone manufacturer, is undoubtedly do to each other every day, we also summarize the experience of long-term work. Customer the samples in our hands, can take the final shipment very rest assured, will not delay the delivery for these details.
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