Quickly understand the silicone 3 d printing

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Silicone chemistry stability, high adsorption properties, thermal stability, high mechanical strength, is a highly active porous materials. In recent years, the material also sparks fly with 3 d printing, with pottery and porcelain, graphene, and called the most market prospect of three new 3 d printing materials. Silica at home and abroad at present development status of 3 d printing? 3 d silicone market developing rapidly abroad: in October 2014, the British Fripp Design Research announced launched a silica gel can be used for 3 d printers print work - — The 3 d printer Picsima silica gel. Print size is 100 * 100 * 30 mm, fine print layer thickness to 0. 4 mm, printing product hardness can be as low as 10. A, shaw hardness means can achieve the level of the super soft, can stretch without breaking again and again. Picsima technology is a kind of between 3 d printing and light curing powder bed between 3 d printing process. Catalyst was mainly used to fill special silicone oil pool '' material for sintering or coagulation - — Use of 3 d printer needle type extrusion head layers of quantitative catalyst to the surface of a silicon oil injection. The catalyst can rapid solidification silica gel, printing the object without the need for support and post-processing. In addition, also used the crosslinking agent in the process of printing, print the object soft degree of each part will be according to the crosslinking agent to produce change. In the end, dye printing, this process can also produce color silica gel. Picsima silicone 3 d printer has been cleared by the FDA for medical and food applications, they also specially applied for a patent for the device. The room temperature vulcanization ( RTV) Medical grade silicone material can be widely used in 3 d printing prosthesis ( Ear, nose, denture, etc. ) , medical equipment, consumer electronics, and industrial prototype products, has been approved for human body. Picsima also found that, in fact, in combination with 3 d scanning technology, the doctors can be used in the industries of huge breast implants. Domestic 3 d silicone printing development progress: the current domestic silicone products of the production mode is mainly rely on manual operation, is made of vulcanizing machine high temperature forming, picsima print shaw hardness to a minimum of 10. A, the softness is the domestic many silicone products manufacturer can't do, only use liquid process, this means that the printed products can reach the level of the super soft, according to the properties of the silica gel, and can be repeatedly stretched without fracture. The 3 d printing factory have to apply for a patent, and obtained the PCT patent certificate, and has set up a new company, dedicated to provide customers with 3 d printing.
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