Properties and USES of polybutadiene rubber

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
The performance of polybutadiene rubber ( Cis) Advantage: :. Excellent abrasion resistance. High resilience; Hysteresis loss is small, low heat; Low glass transition temperature, low temperature performance is good; Qu torsion resistant performance is good. Defect: tear strength, and therefore not tear resistant. The cutting resistance is poor; The wet resistance is bad; Sulfur rubber have cold phenomenon. With the general requirements of polybutadiene rubber with: can too filling a large amount of carbon black and oil filling agent, need carbon black reinforcing, available sulphur vulcanization accelerator, also can use sulfur donor or organic peroxide vulcanizing, to add stabilizer, oil use more high aromatic hydrocarbons and aromatic oil. Polybutadiene rubber use: tread, sidewall, body parts, also can manufacture tape and other rubber products. Custom polybutadiene rubber products can contact business: contact person: Mr Dragon mobile: 13392830612 ( Also can click: customized messages) Q Q: 3264780970 telephone, fax, E-mail, website: alibaba: https://ruiborubber. 1688. Com address: foshan city guanlan street water pits or hanging about gold and red industrial park 5 / f, building B. Recommended article: polyester rubber performance advantages and USES polyurethane rubber with what are the requirements and purposes
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