Product design what are the implications of silica gel products factory production

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Normal form, the product design method and train of thought is often associated with the finished production process to have the corresponding, clear up the thoughts did not understand the process is not a qualified products are difficult to be solved, like I said, a lot of clients silicone products on the structure and the drawing of the new scheme will often clashed with on the processing technology, and in the silicone products manufacturer of mould could be clashed with molding process, so people think it is just on the silica gel product development design and creative design at present a drawback, designers on the processing technology and mould technology is not familiar with, mould process not familiar with the production technology. Master drawing in our country is very good, want to any products can simulate the 3 d drawings to you, in the mold industry, plastic industry, silicon industry, hardware industry, etc. , but many designers ignore the production process, such as mold made his style, cutter path is correct, whether the machine processing, size shape if you can be, different material will be able to meet its requirement, easy to appear in silicone rubber products industry have the following problems. Mold design problem: product design is too thin, can lead to mould jumped off is not convenient to processing mould, products have inner grooved mould boring cutter can't processing, product size complex structure is not convenient to open too much on the number of holes and so on molding process problem: the product is too thin mold is achieved effect but not from the side, but product processing is difficult to molding product is too thick, hard and soft, softer product requirements, and the shape of the design can not achieve the result of very soft, instead too hard, may be followed plastic injection to the idea, but the silicone belong to the soft material, has the certain technology principle. In addition to some exterior color or multicolor but now process and short of what they want, it's also a more troublesome thing, so that you can see more silica gel during design drawings of several kinds of molding process and color, appearance treatment and so on. Only by understanding the process to understand the details design problems.
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