Popular science the development course of white carbon black, organic silicone products in China has been on the right track!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
'After 20 years of arduous pioneering and innovation, fumed silica industry in China in foreign giant cracks fight our way out, and development, become an important member in the international market, avoid the transition to bring the market risk of foreclosures. 'On August 9th fumed silica in China in yichang 20th anniversary conference, innovative undertaking, chairman of the China association of fluorine and silicone material industry Cao Xian army. As an important raw material of organic silicon and a key link in the industry chain, fumed silica in the organic silicon industry development play a crucial role in our country, although its dosage is not big, but their role to be reckoned with, especially for silicone rubber products industry, it has a similar IC field as a 'chip', in 'silica gel' industry development has become recognized as one of the important material. Before 2000, only two enterprises in our country as the arms industry supporting a small amount of gas phase silica, and poor quality, backward technology. At the guangzhou baiyun adhesive factory, deputy director and chief engineer wang yue Lin to realize: 'must have their own fumed silica industry, can no longer being aspires. 'Under his lead, guangzhou baiyun viscose factory founded the fumed silica project, started the revitalization of fumed silica industry the road of innovation. This road is daunting and difficult bumpy. At the time, because of fumed silica is mainly used in military field, by the strict technology blockade. R&d team did not flinch, they passed on the surface chemistry of a Ukrainian national academy of sciences institute of experts, the tortuous from Ukraine to buy the technology package. Ukraine's technology USES the silicon tetrachloride as raw materials, device on a smaller scale. In order to adapt to the domestic route and expand the scale of raw materials, the team worked day and night to improve the technology upgrade, finally completed a methyl trichlorosilane as raw material to produce the process design of the fumed silica will be a single set of device and the capacity to expand to 500 tons/year. In December of 2001, China's first self-owned intellectual property rights of fumed silica production line was born, our country has become the third international master in methyl trichlorosilane as raw material to produce technology of fumed silica. Since then, the development of fumed silica in China challenge team insist on self-reliance and move on. From technology research and development into the plant construction, from the surface modification to set standards, one by one, to overcome the accident of technology, engineering design, production, foreign companies to crack down on all sorts of difficulties, such as fumed silica industry in China from a fragile young children to develop into a strong and vigorous youth. Cao Xianjun share a set of data is enough to witness the glory of fumed silica industry in China, the total output of fumed silica in China less than 1000 tons per year from 2002 to 2018 years to reach 100000 tons/year, achieve the growth of one hundred times on; Self-sufficiency from less than 40% in 2007 to 2010, the main varieties of completely self-sufficient, also exported to more than 50 countries and regions of the world, formed with the market pattern of the three pillars of Europe and America. As the current domestic biggest fumed silica production enterprises - — Yichang collect rich silicon material co. , LTD. , although a late start, but in the five years to achieve annual production of 8000 tons, is now only at the same time to master the silicone monomer and the polysilicon production process by-product as raw material to produce fumed silica technology companies. Yichang collect rich also moved to the industry in the high-end, built with international advanced level of high-end scanty water vapor phase method of white carbon black production line, has broken this kind of silicone rubber products have long been foreign company monopoly situation. 'Represented by yichang collect rich domestic fumed silica enterprise is rising fast, healthy development to the organic silicon products industry in our country provides the necessary support, to avoid the fumed silica fault of this kind of key materials for the risk, make us under the new situation to remain indifferent, not afraid of wind and rain. 'Cao Xianjun said.
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