Popular science silicone joint symptoms of aging

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
Silicone joint, silicone accessories products are mainly used in piping accessories, glue, and so on, a common phenomenon for joint pipe for shock absorber is mainly for connecting the small winding can tear open outfit products such as above, so small pipe products will not exist too much pressure and jitter phenomenon, will inevitably be connected after the shock and stress effect cause twist vibration phenomenon, the usage of instability will naturally affect the service life of silicone rubber products and the speed of aging faster, in order to ensure the service life and goods can be normal use in the silica gel in the interface you will find what reason causes of aging? For the cause of aging, the process of use of the product for different environment said, heat, light, the role of oxygen and the effect of using the number of frequent changes, long-term use is not the right way and the environment caused by performance degradation, loss of use, the product gradually aging, and silicone joint raw materials belong to the common industrial silica gel, adopted by the basic requirements to be able to achieve a certain effect, for use in the right way as well as matters needing attention of different caused by aging, so in different environment, use soft, sticky, there are the basic deformation and fracture phenomenon can maintain product losing performance! So the silicone products manufacturer after concluded, apart from the product itself quality, under the condition of guarantee the normal product, different silica gel products under different environment conditions of use, not the right way to use method leads to aging rate into different levels, by using environment is different, the different climate, different season could spark a comprehensive aging reaction. For the product aging, mainly with heat, light, oxygen, liquid and so on several ways. Xiamen silicone products factory - Silicone rubber products co. , LTD. ( )
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