Popular at present, the advantages of silicone jewelry bracelet on!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-20
Silicone accessories like silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, also belong to one of the silica gel products, mainly by silicone raw materials high temperature vulcanization molding, through human vision to the be fond of of color, to make different color silicone accessories. In the process of molding, vulcanization time is very short, so the production cycle is quite short. Generally a small silicone luminous bracelets if is 1 million, also can fully packaged goods as long as 20 days. But the silica gel is small adorn article in place of the most popular or is the western European and American countries, such as silicone accessories at the same time is just a small classification of the silica gel products. It is made of 100% silicone raw materials processing. Product non-toxic harmless, from the raw material, the silica gel is a kind of natural green environmental protection material. As silicone accessories to the neck or wrist above above, it not only can be used as an ornament, also is a kind of fashion symbol. When such silicone accessories as a gift or as a form of advertising, it can be looked at is a kind of culture, when is worn on the wrist or neck yes, it can serve as a flag, can be used as an organization, or is the core of a team logo. An organization or a team in an activity, bring silicone accessories on the wrist, or is mixed in the hair above, during the day, with different colors to distinguish their own teammates, night, also can bring noctilucent silicone accessories, respectively from the colour of the luminous his players. Mainly in the silicone accessories add a certain amount of luminous powder, or after the illuminate of lamplight, the sun at night will make different color luminous. Luminous silicone accessories major epidemic in different regions in summer, summer evening play or stay in the wild, luminous glow silicone jewelry will bring a variety of fun. By xiamen silicone production factory production of silicone luminous bracelets, is a luminous silicone accessories, in addition to worn on the wrist as ornaments, the most admirable or girl in pigtails, mixed with several kind of color, especially in the summer, give a person a kind of relaxed sense. So many fashionable gens treat this kind of silicone bracelet as is one of the most favorite accessories. Silicone accessories with you not only is it a worn on the wrist or is in the small plait, more is to bring you more fun and joy.
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