Polyurethane rubber with what are the requirements and purposes

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Polyurethane rubber as a in the silicone rubber industry a wide range of use of a material, today with everyone know about the polyurethane rubber with request and use what? Wear-resisting performance is the highest of all rubber in shaw A60 to shaw A70 hardness is within the scope of high strength, good elasticity) The characteristic of buffer shock absorption. At room temperature, UR suspension components can absorb vibration energy 10% ~ 20%, the higher the vibration frequency, the greater the energy absorption good oil resistance and drug resistance of friction coefficient of high low temperature resistance, ozone resistance, radiation resistance, good electrical insulation, adhesive performance. Polyurethane rubber with request and use what rubber has introduced before the choice of the ammonia ester rubber vulcanizing agent | polyurethane rubber cooperation ', the following to everyone said: polyurethane rubber with request considerations and use what thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer can be mixed with polarity thermoplastic and rubber, etc. Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer on the matching technology is to add some filler such as mica powder, glass fiber, etc. In order to improve the heat resistance of the rubber, and other thermoplastic elastomer and used to improve performance. Purpose: polyurethane rubber soles, belts, conveyor belt, milk grinding material, etc. Good milk oil used in the manufacture of oil seal, seal gasket and industrial supplies, such as sporting goods, automotive parts and paint manufacturing and so on. Hope everyone can help to finish it, specializing in the production of custom silicone rubber products, if you want to see about these products can click on the silicone products
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