Polysulfide rubber and polyurethane rubber is introduced

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Generally there are many kinds of special synthetic rubber, here say: these three rubber polysulfide rubber and polyurethane rubber, and different USES. A, thiokol: C - by saturation H and S - S key polymerization of polymer compounds. Thiokol matching requirements: processing Thiokol ST, roller temperature control in 35 ~ 45 ℃, lest produce molecular fracture. Ingredients can be added once, easy to package roll grinder. After adding curing agent roller to cold water, to prevent early vulcanized rubber. Thiokol vulcanizing FA is used to avoid surface run or air flow. Second, polyurethane rubber: refers to the aggregate contains carbamate group owner chain series polyester polyurethane elastomer material: cooperate with similar to ordinary rubber. To add lubricant and packing and so on, then add curing agent and accelerator, to strictly control the mixing temperature, ensure the safety of the process. Molding with moulding, also USES extrusion, calendering forming method, finally sulfide into products. Polyether type of polyurethane rubber: same as the type of polyester polyurethane rubber, were selected according to different materials of different vulcanization crosslinking system. There are three kinds of vulcanization system namely: isocyanate, peroxide and sulfur. The other is the same as polyester polyurethane rubber. Polyurethane rubber main use: auto parts, especially in large part such as buffer, and electrical products, civil engineering and construction industry, foam products, etc. Relevant article recommended: smoke piece rubber/wrinkled piece of plastic/standard plastic/rubber glue cleaning four kinds of natural rubber is introduced what is styrene-butadiene rubber | styrene-butadiene rubber type formulation and application of polyether rubber synthetic requirements and USES introduction
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