Polyether rubber is what?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Polyether rubber fender is what? Polyether rubber as for a wide range of industrial USES a kind of product, but this kind of product a lot of people don't know the features of this product. Take you to meet today. A polyether rubber fender, and its processing technology, the shell is made of two pieces of the same parent docking hollow shell, the two maternal bonding together, set filling the interior of the shell, the shell of the top and bottom are a circular hole, and respectively in the two coaxial hole plug rubber plug, shell raw material containing the following weight: polyether, 220:80 - 100; Curing agent: 10 - 20; Vulcanizing agent: 5 - 10; Filler: 10 - 20; Antiager 264:0 - 2 copies. This invention compared with the existing technology has small volume, light weight, good elasticity, strong buffering capacity, high safety coefficient by cyclic ether compounds containing epoxy group ( Epoxy paraffin) By the ring opening polymerization of saturated hydrocarbon polyether elastomer. Main chain ether type structure, due to the presence of oxygen atoms, molecules rotate easily, main chain smooth, no double bonds exist, side chain containing polar groups or unsaturated bond. The structure characteristics of the decision of polyether rubber ozone resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, cold-resistant and processing performance good characteristic. Polyether rubber with propylene oxide in the development order of rubber, chlorine ether rubber ( Epichlorohydrin rubber) , chlorine ether copolymer rubber. After the development is rapid, a leading position in the polyether rubber series. The polyether rubber fender make products not only small volume, light weight, and buffer effect is good, high safety coefficient, wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure, long service life; This process is simple, low cost, wide application, easy to promote. Welcome custom polyether rubber products, rubber products, foshan city, always adhere to: make the best products, let customers at ease.
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