Planar silica gel protective sleeve common appearance technical explanation, have you seen several?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
Along with the development of electronic products and speed, the popularity of tablets to get wider, its advantages and desktop computers, unlike lightweight portable, compact convenience, function is more widely used, it is mainly used to students, office work and travel, and so on, so here have to mention it the appearance of the cases. Date silicone computer protection shell is one of the common, and it has the advantage of easy to carry the tablet friend as a protective function of drop, but in addition to drop shock absorption, appearance treatment is also recognised by consumers, that what appearance technology on earth? Texture is one of the popular technology at present, it is primarily in the mold surface treatment increase the silicone product appearance beautiful appearance and surface strength, it can make a different texture on the mold and concave and convex, grain and moire patterns, silicone raw materials to be included in the mold can achieve good effect after molding, drying grain is also called the mold texture, cost is lower, because of mould technology process with a variety of styles are so silicone rubber products industry that can be widely used. Silica gel tablets sheath area is larger, if you don't do appearance to recycle products may appear drab, so most of the silica gel protective sleeve electronics will be combined with design and LOGO, etc. , transfer printing process for surface is larger, more flat a processing appearance, so also more commonly used in protective sleeve, silicone products often multicolor printing design and decorative pattern or image and so on. Mosaic processing method is silicone cases in recent years, the latest processing technology, this kind of products not only work process requirement is higher also have higher requirements for the equipment and technology, so on cost will increase a lot, it mainly Mosaic gold powder, metal and crystal stone, etc. , if silica gel protective sleeve have a good design so this product will be very good to lead bonding and sewing, this kind of technology at present is more common for the market, it is mainly used for bonding with other materials and sew together play a double material, this kind of common kinds are silica gel and silica gel products, metal and wood and textile fabric is given priority to, also don't say! Silica gel plate sets, and other silicone product USES this kind of technology to product or sell quite well. Besides the above common process, common is silica gel plate processing factories to mold processing technology, it can make a few color and stereoscopic pattern, mainly is the appearance of the product effect is given priority to, mainly because the silicone product cost work process and work to calculate the cost, a process with so many natural would increase the cost of a, and the original high temperature vulcanization molding process is low cost, processing technology is one of the most common way.
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