Picture understand silicone industry giant chemical industry the development of organic silicon

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
Ningbo hesheng group co. , LTD. , founded in 1989, is a new type material involving real estate, organic silicone, smelting, thermoelectric, diversified group of companies in the field of manufacturing, etc. Hesheng early in the early 90 s began to dabble in organic silicon industry, mainly in silicone rubber, mixing glue, 107 glue, and other new materials and technology products, is the domestic earlier one of organic silicone rubber products production scale enterprises. In 2005, hesheng group formally all-round into silicon new material field, investment established hesheng silicon industry co. , LTD. With built in a year when a large single set of organic silicon devices, and succeeded in production, and created a miracle 'hesheng' within the industry. In order to achieve the industry chain advantages, promote the competitiveness of the silicon in the field of new materials, the group was established in the following year in heihe hesheng silicon industry co. , LTD. , preempt the advantageous resources in the northeast, create hesheng silicon metal silicon industry base. Was founded in 2009 in western xinjiang hesheng silicon industry co. , LTD. , the response country western development policy, the effective use of xinjiang is rich in resources, build silicon new material circular economy industrial park. Hesheng silicon industry formally formed silicon industry chain, and hesheng silicon industry brand radiation to global silicon materials.
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