Physical properties of the silicone buttons are influenced by what

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Silicone keypad is one of the silica gel products, is moulded by silicone raw materials of all kinds of silicone buttons. Silicone buttons with other material has excellent characteristics and was deeply loved by people, it is widely used in all sides. But the silicone buttons in the process of production there are some factors will affect the physical properties of the silicone buttons? Let's go together and baoan silicone factory! 1, viscosity: usually is directly proportional to the viscosity and hardness; 2, hardness: silicone rubber with 10 to 80 shaw hardness range, it gives full freedom to the designer to choose the required hardness, in order to best implement specific functions; 3, the tensile strength of the silica gel: tensile strength refers to cause a piece of rubber sample torn on the scope of each unit of force required. 4, tear strength of silicone: in their influence on the sample of the block or Nick expand resistance; 5, the limit of the silica gel rupture elongation: when the sample fracture relative to the length of the original growth by percentage. Hot with sulfur type solid silicone rubber elongation range between 90 to 1120%. Fluorine and silicone rubber elongation between 159 to 699%. Liquid silicone rubber elongation between 220 to 900%. Different processing methods and the selection of curing agent can greatly change the elongation. Silicone rubber elongation and temperature has much to do; 6, silica gel time: operation time from gel to join the moment calculation of vulcanizing agent. Behind the operation time and the boundaries of the curing time is not fully, the colloid from join the vulcanizing agent that moment start already for curing reaction, the operating time is the product of 30 minutes vulcanization reaction can not affect the quality of the finished product. So the silicone button operation, the better the more save time to finished product. Baoan silicone manufacturer's main all kinds of silicone buttons, medical grade silicone, food-grade silicone, silicone pad, silicone strap, such as all kinds of silicone products, high quality pure silica gel, passed through the SGS, FDA, CE, LFGB, DGCCRF, certification, environmental non-toxic, conform to the international medical grade, food grade standard. Quality assurance, basic no wire. Welcome to call the order line! 。
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