PCB design of conductive silicone buttons and what is the difference between ordinary buttons

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Today to the silicone button manufacturer said the key contact of this kind of like a work of art! This contact use conductive silicone key, this is very common, such as a button on your home TV remote control, after you open the remote control, in the back of the button, there is a small black dot, the little black spots is the conductive silicone ( Referred to as carbon industry) 。 As shown in the above, the two picture is conductive silicone key and ordinary, one is not conductive carbon and carbon grains; Principle is the same, they are after pressing buttons, two contact conduction. Different is that is welded to the welding plate using ordinary buttons, and conductive silicone buttons is fixed on the shell of the product to use. Conductive silicone keypad is not only to use on the TV remote control, in many other consumer electronic products, medical products, handheld instruments and industrial control products, will also be used. PCB design of the buttons, no guidelines, no rules, allow you to design its shape and winding way, as long as the two contact points is not connected. PCB design method is used by common keys pad, so worry, make circuit boards, welding plate is bare, waiting for you to weld the keys. Contact of conductive silicone buttons, we need to a little fee of kung fu. The contact, we can draw in advance a wrapper, may also directly in the PCB wiring drawing. Silicone buttons related articles recommendation: failure to do mobile phone silicone buttons | solve the problem of slow reaction silicone buttons and so on the silicone products manufacturer should note | silicone buttons may be replaced
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