Pay attention to the harm of silica gel products tips carefully choose and buy kitchen!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
In daily life, the family of the choose and buy of a casual may harm to you and they bring certain, especially in the middle of the kitchen utensils has become indispensable to our daily, so the silicone products manufacturer tips when choosing to purchase or choose green health products, for now the market of different pattern of the cup, boiler bowl is pretty colorful especially for PVC material has long been the psychedelic the eyes of consumers, now rubber material has already been occupied by a lot of rubber and plastic materials, has long been the rubber material in the midst of life are made into kitchen chemicals must be influential to health, but no in a short time, so the fact how? Rubber and plastic can be divided into many types, does not rule out it is A kind of harmful chemicals, plastic products for life, bisphenol A is A major chemical raw material of plastic its use in food packaging bags, plastic cups, plastic bowl, add more of the research show that the compound in the case of long-term use can release harmful chemicals in food basic endocrine disorder, make human body one-time use was not so many concerns, especially use for A long time in the kitchen will be timely attention, silicone rubber and plastic industry products became A kitchen products fashionable, whether the material get the recognition of the masses? Silica belongs to the main components of the silica gel silica gel products raw materials and the highest technical content of synthetic rubber get most scientific research a kind of rubber material, highly active adsorption material and not any conflict performance makes it in the early European American life supplies, medical equipment and other industries, is now supplies through the scientific research of normal silica gel products, articles for daily use has not found the conflict have a harm to human body substances, that is to say, the silicone material has been approved, you can use for a long time to articles for daily use, so you can be sure that supplies the rubber type of material, silica gel products is the most prominent and safe environmental protection. Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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