Parsing the silicone raw materials

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Silica gel products is common in our life of a product craft, but for professional knowledge will have very many processes and knowledge, so for the silicone products related theory knowledge, you know what? Below is for us the silica gel component and origin of raw materials. 1. Material hardness: rubber hardness in theory in the domestic market can choose between 10 to 70 degrees. Can be found easily in 20 degrees to 70 degrees, the most commonly used is 40 to 50 degrees. 2. Before without surface treatment, in addition to using silica gel products as adhesive and adhesive, silica gel parts with other parts together all must go through surface activation, rubber vulcanization processing to cement. Who can with rubber vulcanization reaction or make crosslinking material referred to as vulcanizing agent, also known as crosslinking agent. Vulcanizing agent a lot of more phyletic, and also on the rise, already use vulcanizing with sulfur, selenium, tellurium, sulphur compounds, metal oxide, peroxide, resin, quinones and amine, etc. 3. Good electrical insulation, high to the stability of the thermal oxidation and ozone, chemical inertness. Its defect is low mechanical strength, oil resistance, solvent resistance and acid-proof alkaline, long-term stress lead to life and performance degradation, after processing is difficult to cure, the current market price is expensive and still continues to rise, the use of temperature: - Without any reaction between 60 ℃ ~ + 260 ℃. 4. Most silicone rubber silicone raw materials products one of the most important auxiliary materials in, will have to get first to make sure from the quality, so many silicone products manufacturer before the choose and buy to buy raw materials will be required to provide the corresponding test report, whether to get the corresponding requirements, and silicon dioxide is one of the most important material in the solid silica gel and its, so it decided to the performance of the material, the quality of the meteorological silica main advantage lies in the very fine particle size, molecular particles adsorption ability, combining high purity, good dispersion performance, density fine let its heat resistance, resistance, heat resistance, tensile, etc are better than ordinary silica, so belong to high performance in high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber material, can achieve food grade, high transparency, high tensile and other requirements. 5. Silicone rubber raw materials, the gas phase silica is an essential part of inside the silicone rubber reinforcing materials, because of its unique properties make it occupied many fields gradually, in the medical, daily necessities, beauty makeup, skin care and other industries widely used. Belong to high performance in high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber material, can achieve food grade, high transparency, high tensile and other requirements. 6. Silica gel processing to produce a product high purity, feeling and life have relatively ordinary silica gel has improved, the normal life is a times more than ordinary precipitation of silica gel, currently on the market a lot of to the FDA, ROHS certification testing of silica gel products such as meteorological silica ratio can reach more than 80%. Talk about quality, large products copy or do large products, be sure to use high hardness of silica gel for mold, so as to make the product deformation. Raw materials can meet the special silicone material, now we advocate green society, to the environment as the center, like a new lightweight material is what we study a kind of green material. Green environmental protection is our best choice, product launch must be environmental protection, to get the recognition of consumer love. So first decided to new lightweight material price is green, our new lightweight materials to produce the products, not only good quality, but also appear beautiful, praise from consumers.
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