Our lent term is clear, the silicone material will greatly to replace disposable plastic products!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-22
The National Development and Reform Commission, ecological environment 19, the opinions on further strengthening plastic pollution treatment, by the end of 2020, our country will take the lead in some areas, some areas prohibited or restricted from part of the plastic products production, sale and use, by the end of 2022, disposable plastic products consumption significantly reduced, which makes many alternative plastic products to obtain the very good promotion, mainly including the silicone material is class instead of one of the product. Due to plastic dirtier, now the world is a lot lower disposable plastic products, environmental protection rubber material is big radian increase for this space, with silica gel products ranks, now all over the world to take a plastic products more and more organic silicone products, its main cover industry as: life daily, industrial construction, electronic appliances, machinery manufacturing, medical equipment and other industries.
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