Organic silicone products manufacturer industry model, jiangsu zhongneng silicon industry ministry

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released list of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project '2018', jiangsu zhongneng silicon industry science and technology development co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as 'zhongneng silicon industry') Polysilicon intelligent factory pilot demonstration projects topped the list, the only a selected units of xuzhou city, jiangsu province, and the organic silicone products gradually a big progress! As polysilicon production leading enterprise in the world, can be a combination of silicone industry in 2025 'made in China' national strategy and international advanced intelligent manufacturing solutions, on the basis of establishing enterprise according to the platform, the equipment asset management system (large Numbers EAM) Platform, manufacturing execution system ( MES) With ali cloud big data platform, production technology team in-depth cooperation, into the intelligent road from the cost and quality control. Zhongneng silicon industry incorporates the depth of the informationization, industrialization and the development of the company strategic match, the factory makes the unique characteristics of the enterprise intelligence, from the 'traditional' to 'intelligent system', fully realize the production automation, operating efficiency, management refinement, a study of organic silicone industry leader benchmarking. 'In silicon industry through the integration of external advantage resources, improve enterprise intelligent production, research and development, design, technical integration, security monitoring environmental protection platform, to the excellence of management decision-making ability as the breakthrough point, hold the enterprise cost, quality, AnQuanSan elements, promote the design, research and development, engineering, production, maintenance, collaborative platform integrated intelligent control, to reach the company can be a sustained development', in the silicon industry, general manager of intelligent manufacturing Yang Kunpeng said, with intelligent manufacturing planning effectively, can preliminary construction into a silicon industry based on 3 d intelligent integration, plant ehs integration intelligence platform, robot, artificial intelligence technology as one of the big data applications center, promote the construction of enterprise in accordance with Chinese intelligent modern intelligent factories making 2025 specification, lead to the photovoltaic industry green transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing. As a decline in the cost of the photovoltaic industry chain, parity on the Internet, not only depends on how much raw material prices decline, also depends on the speed in the promotion of intelligent manufacturing. In addition to the core technology innovation and application, vigorously promote the intelligent manufacturing become poly (xin the important measures to maintain a competitive edge, and the case has been ahead of the industry. As early as in August 2016, poly golden concord namely 'ali cloud' reached a strategic cooperation, and successfully make the silicon wafer yield increase 1%, as the first big data for photovoltaic manufacturing innovation demonstration project. 'Ali cloud' system in chip manufacturing, not only in poly golden concord polysilicon production have been applied. Currently, poly (xin has achieved section 8 full process automation of production process and all section factory has 'demonstration of intelligent workshop in jiangsu province'. In yangzhou golden concord black silicon base, has the construction of high efficiency solar cell silicon single wet black silicon pile 26 digital production lines, production capacity will reach nearly 7 gw, led the country more than 100 black silicon intelligent revolution of production line. Golden concord intelligent manufacturing roadmap is: from 2012 to 2020 for golden concord industrial 3. 0 rapid development stage, the whole process automation and informationization of import and fusion in succession; At the end of 2020 docking work, realize the whole process automation and informationization comprehensive intelligent factory in 2025.
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