Organic silicone products latest offer raw materials, the upstream enterprises, and the price is more stability, suspended offers

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
Silicone tight range in price stability, the downstream demand local turn pale, reduce new single enterprise. Product details DMC: DMC price stability, the downstream market local turn pale, reduce new single enterprise. 107 glue, 107 glue, and the price stability, the downstream market has turned weak performance, a new single joint strength early turned pale. Raw rubber, raw rubber in the steady rise in a narrow, most enterprise production scheduling prior orders. Mixing silicone rubber mixing rubber: stabilizing run, the price high consolidation, conventional hardness of silicone rubber products market price is in 20500 - 21000 yuan/ton. Silicone oil, silicone oil market slightly raised, domestic conventional methyl silicone oil viscosity in the 24000 - quotation 25500 yuan/ton. Silicon metal, steady chemical grade brand silicon metal prices this week; Metallurgical grade brand fallen in 50 - 100 yuan/ton. # huangpu quotation in 12700-421 12900 yuan/ton. Methanol: methanol prices to decline this week, the market clinch a deal. Device is in shandong district: shandong dongyue normal operation; Luxi normal work. Jiangsu and zhejiang area: zhejiang zhongtian normal construction; Xinan normal construction. Other areas: hubei xingfa normal operation; Tangshan poetic issue of maintenance. Market forecast late as demand season ended, price dynamics is insufficient, organic silicon or stability will be a high price. Note: the above prices are for reference only, do not make transaction basis, specific business firm quotation shall prevail
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