Organic silicone materials in the application of the power lithium batteries

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
As is known to all, the space shuttle to such an extreme environment in space, is a great test for product design. About 50 years ago, dow corning silicone scheme with advanced technology and excellent quality, perfect response to the test to help the shuttle. Today, the dow corning brand and attention to the electric car - — This on earth, facing the similar test of new vehicles. Electric car prospect is good, but is widely used at present, one of main reason is the battery life. Start from here, find the silicone products, new application power electric cars to further in the future. Maintain appropriate temperature and temperature control battery to reach its best performance. Custom silicone material can effectively for the battery pack and batteries, heat dissipation, improve the operating temperature of the battery. In addition, the flow of dispensing posture organic silicon can be formed in the electric ChiZu a heat shield around the battery core, when the environment through the cold or heat, battery can still maintain efficient operation. At present, organic silicon material has been widely used in extreme space environment, as far as Siberia or the Sahara? Should be a cinch. Even daily driving, durability for battery remains a challenge. Moisture, shock, the daily driving, the most common factors in May affect battery life. Aiming at this problem, organic silicon solution provided the 'exclusive custom battery packs' solutions, in daily driving, can be targeted to respond to mechanical shock, humidity, and temperature fluctuations affect battery. In the process of space, the shuttle will suffer severe vibration, organic silicon material good shockproof performance appropriately solved the problem. In the same way, even the earth's most complicated terrain, organic silicon can fully cope with. At present, the silicone material has been done to help NASA 'voyager 2' of a nearly 10 billion - mile flight, as you can imagine, the application of a variety of organic silicon material of electric cars, and how well the performance. Insulation of another layer of challenges faced by the electric car battery, is the short circuit and over current, and silica gel products material insulation appropriately deal with the problem. Application of organic silicon in the battery, can well protect the internal key electronic devices, batteries, and bus, help avoid the risk of surge and battery fire. Imagine, in loading for thousands of tons of rocket fuel launch pad, a little short circuit is a disaster. Since the Apollo ii moon landing in 1969, insulation is considered a space mission critical condition at a time.
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