Organic silicone adhesive tape, double-sided adhesive of thermal conductivity and the difference between ordinary double-sided adhesive

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
Organic silicone products as life daily popularization of materials in different fields widely used among industry, nature is little not it the hot melt adhesive paper tape industry, the organic silicone product has already been used in many tape, and thermal conductive silicone tape with ordinary silicon rubber tape is not exceptional also, but thermal double-sided adhesive is different from ordinary double-sided adhesive the difference between what is there? Thermal conductive double-sided adhesive can be according to the difference of the material, divided into the presence of base material and base material. Can according to the composition of base material, glue ingredient and so on. Its main material component of corresponding as follows: 1, base material, substrate 2, base material, cotton paper, PET, foam, non-woven fabrics, cloth 3, water-based acrylic ester, oil acrylate, solvent rubber, hot melt adhesive and organic silicon substrate double-sided adhesive is only a film, so that achieve the same bond properties, adhesive the total thickness of the smaller, more soft make better also, deficiency is the environment temperature is higher when the adhesive layer will be end surface glue. And we usually use ordinary double-sided adhesive is a kind of paper, cloth, plastic film as backing material, then the elastic body pressure sensitive adhesive or resin pressure-sensitive adhesive evenly coated on the substrate roll made of adhesive tape, consists of base material, adhesive, from type paper ( Film) Or silicone oil paper of three parts. So through a brief description of the above, you should be able to know the vast difference between the both material, which is also directly contributing to the huge gap of price. In ordinary double-sided adhesive is not has the effect of thermal conductivity, if need to have heat conduction effect, thermal conductivity must be used double-sided adhesive. Another thermal double-sided adhesive is generally stick between the heating with heat sink and strength pressure make the heat sink is firmly fixed on the hot piece of role, to improve production efficiency. Obvious effects of its cooling effect than the average thermal stickers, greatly improve the service life of components. Its high thermal conductive performance and stability. The normal temperature ( 80 - 120 degrees) Can work under minimum 5 years. Can be cut into specifications. Nowadays most application scope are: electronic appliances, LED lighting, hardware industry, printing industry, and other electronic manufacturing industry.
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