Organic silicon vapor-phase white carbon black market downturn, silicone rubber products raw materials prices are expected to callback?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
After more than this year pricing dint, silicone rubber products, raw materials market charge high price decline not become downstream many silicone products supplier's nightmare, and after many floating adjustment at present the market gradually warming, meteorological steady weakening, white carbon black market trading atmosphere is relatively flat, and downstream of the silicone rubber products such as price, demand side support is weak. Silicon tetrachloride prices continue to fall this week; The price is still low. Device: shandong region: shandong dongyue normal operation. Jiangxi area: jiangxi black cat run at full capacity. Jiangsu and zhejiang area: zhejiang Fuji run normally, normal operation of zhejiang civilized synthesis of season beginning: according to the market forecast silicone products downstream formally enter the off-season, according to the understanding of current market demand is small, a lot of silicone manufacturer has no order or order co. , LTD. , white carbon black demand side also is in decline. Domestic gas silicon start overall stability, supply of goods is relatively abundant, plus the cost of surface also weakening, late gas phase is expected to decline in a narrow white carbon black market. Data sources: national alliance for a green development strategy (silicon industry 执行咨询组)
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