Organic silicon upstream continue to rise, silica gel products industry is at ease!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
2016 close to the end tooth, the winter will be gone days of organic silicon industry area is in the news of the DMC continued ascension, and therefore affect the efficacy of silica gel products industry downstream the formula of raw materials are in short supply such as total total reason, in the organic silicon industry chain upstream to organic silicon DMC gradually began to rise in price, from this year on July/ton from July 12000 to November 15500 / ton five months year-on-year growth of nearly 20%, plus DMC organic silicon industry is our country in the middle of this year the central environmental inspections, chemical raw materials methanol, a the methane of cl affect price increases and so on, all costs of center of gravity in the suppression on the organic silicon, and thus offer now silicone products manufacturer in the industry and mould price has the corresponding improvement. Organic silicon industry have been developing rapidly since the 18th century, production and sales of a year compared with a year growth, so that silicone rubber products for the market demand is still considerable, but it all depends on a variety of reasons for price, in March 2017 points according to the related information reports DMC prices will continue to rise 20000 yuan/ton, so all kinds of cost price will rise up the price of organic silicon industry center, nature also affects the silicone products manufacturer for the product price increases, so for the new and old customers have wished to understand the problem of correlation, for all kinds of products and mould quotation and so on for the whole silicone industry basic not too different. According to the small make up suspicion, in the next few years to the market demand for silicone industry still will continue to grow, because of the development of The Times, in the automotive, electronics, machinery, leather, decoration, construction, military and so on are constantly innovation of industry growth, like we use smart phones, with the passage of time following, sealing materials, electronic products such as miscellaneous pieces of silicone will be more and more closely related to our life and work, therefore in the organic silicon upstream at the same time, by the impression for silicone rubber products industry need most or supplier to relief, with customers to understand! Xiamen silicone manufacturers - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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