Organic silicon and the classification and application of silicone cloth leather!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
Of organic silicone products in inseparable, sometimes it's just a silicone seal let you disagree, and sometimes it is a perfect piece goods, leather, let you can't figure out, life a lot of our silicone products can be seen everywhere, just for show sex and speciality of material make you confused as to this, the species is numerous, in addition to the silicone adult things you imagine, in fact silicone it can be used as a lot of things, then do it today for you to explain the first: 'organic silicone leather special' organic silicon is silica gel type of it is the largest organic silicon compounds, research the deepest, the most widely used type of, accounts for about 90% of the total amount above. Organic silicon leather what then? Organic silicon as a new material of environmental protection is the important component of many new environmental protection material, such as silicone leather, silicone leather inherited the superior properties of silicon, silicon material. Silicone rubber is a new type of environmental protection of leather, leather with silica gel as the raw material, the new material and superfine fiber, non-woven fabric, such as combination of base material, processing and preparation, applicable to a variety of industry applications. Will this kind of leather using solvent-free technology, organic silicon coating adhesive on all kinds of base material, made of leather. Belong to the development of new materials industry in the 21st century. Characteristic and application field of the silicone leather it has the permeability, hydrolysis resistance, weather resistance, environmental protection, flame retardant, easy to clean, wear resistance, resistant to twists, etc. Can be applied to furniture furniture, yacht ship, flexible packaging decoration, car interiors, public outdoor, sporting goods, shoes, clothing, medical apparatus and instruments, and other fields. The structure of the silicone leather surface coated with 100% organic silicon material, the middle layer of 100% silicone adhesive materials, for all kinds of bottom base cloth. Silicone leather due to the outstanding performance of organic silicon and internal force, is a 'leather version of journey to the west' in the 'Monkey King', seconds kill all kinds of ordinary leather. The advantages and disadvantages of silicone leather advantages: 1, security, environmental protection, production process and use all belong to the green environmental protection products; 2, organic silicon material excellent aging resistance, will not ensure long-term bad; 3, transparent collagen, gelatin stable performance and ensure the bright color and excellent color fastness; 4, feel soft, smooth, delicate and elastic; 5, waterproof dirt resistance, high and low temperature resistance; 6, simplify the manufacturing process. Disadvantages: 1, the leather surface strength was slightly weaker than PU synthetic leather; 2, raw material price is a bit expensive. Organic silicon and PU, PVC leather, leather: the difference between a genuine leather: harmful gas combustion is not in itself, but in the process of leather processing using a lot of aniline dyes, chemical reagents, such as chromium salt will be a release of nitrogen compounds in the process of combustion, Nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide) , some harmful irritant gas, such as sulfur dioxide, and leather cracked easily. PU leather: combustion produces hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide, ammonia, nitrogen compounds ( Nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, etc. ) Some harmful such as excitant strong plastic smell. PVC leather, combustion process and production process will produce dioxins, hydrogen chloride. Dioxin and hydrochloric acid is a highly toxic substance, may lead to the occurrence of cancer and other conditions, will produce excitant strong plastic smell ( The main odor from solvent, fatliquoring agent, finishing agent, plasticizer and mould, etc. ) 。 Organic silicone leather: no harmful gas release, the combustion process and relaxed without peculiar smell. Therefore, compared with the traditional leather, silicone leather in resistance to hydrolysis, such as low VOC, no peculiar smell, environmental protection performance has more advantages.
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