Ordinary silicone products with high silica gel products can you tell?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
Silicone products in recent years become one of the most common in our life necessities auxiliary tools, so as the market demand is huge to many disadvantages of silicone products industry materials and products, many friends out earlier question for him to buy some products 'my product is belongs to high quality material? ' so many trade company in business also have a headache, because a lot of the production process and the process of silica gel have to know too much, so lead to oneself also can't answer to the customer, silica gel which are avirulent environmental protection material but quality is also very important, that what you know about silicone material good? Solid silica gel with liquid silicone, silicone products in our products for the life of the common general belong to solid silica gel production, and do you know the silicone products manufacturer in making use of raw materials have food-grade silicone with ordinary industrial-grade distinguish, and food-grade silicone with ordinary silica gel has distinguish either in liquid or solid, and articles for daily use in the medical industry has a strict requirements on using silicone raw materials of industrial silica gel production will not be used. Ordinary silica gel or silicone industry, mainly for the production of industrial machinery accessories used in contact with some of the human body is very good, its performance as well as outstanding with different kinds of mixing vulcanizing vulcanizing agent to get the performance of different raw materials. Food-grade silicone raw materials in the early nineteenth century of silicon with silicon alcohol group, it is considered one of a kind of edible silicon compound material, and adopted a lot of of food grade silica gel silicon alcohol-based, combined with the platinum mixing of food grade silicone rubber vulcanizing agent products of raw materials, and the difference between the ordinary silicone products and food grade silicone products with can distinguish, at the same time the ordinary silica gel with food-grade silicone product drawing, looking at whether there will be a white material, if there is a white surface is ordinary silica gel products, no reaction is the food grade silica gel products, the main difference is: food-grade silicone better tensile strength, high flexibility, good elasticity, high transparency, service life is longer than ordinary silica gel, and add the same resistance against yellow agent food grade silica gel is yellow and so on. Silica gel products co. , LTD. Free telephone: 4000 - 866 - Office telephone: 562 business phone: 13017813599-0769 Fax: 82231963-0769 82231863 qq: 1289791486 company email: address: xiamen city in fujian province DaLang town gowing village silver the road website first level 2:26 https://dbsilicone. 1688. Com/silicone products manufacturer in xiamen - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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