Once again remind: environmental policy in advance, you can save a lot of things!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
The environmental policy in China is rigorous, involving the related with the environmental protection industry enterprises and businesses are sighing, organic silicone products upstream manufacturers is not exceptional also, due to many kinds of compound materials and sewage pollution, so in silicone rubber products raw materials in recent years to have a price no city, crazy prices rise, many, many terminal downstream enterprises in the end, a year saying goes 'this year business is not good! 'But as long as can as policy guidelines, reserve in advance prevention, so also is not you want to do it! Such as the following events may have to you have for prevention of precursor: 【 China's environmental protection regulations and policies of the online 】 On January 23, 2019, ecological environment and health for joint released the list of poisonous and harmful air pollutants ( 2018) ', pollutants including methylene chloride, formaldehyde, chloroform, trichloroethylene, etc. According to the relevant person in charge of the ecological environment, through the 'ten' atmosphere to promote and implement, the article explored a new path suited to China's national conditions of prevention and control of atmospheric pollution. 'But the atmospheric environment situation is still grim, atmospheric pollutants emissions is still ranked among the top of the world. 'More than 338 regional and urban environmental air quality standard ratio is not high, beijing-tianjin-hebei air transport channel city of nutrient-laden plain areas such as PM2. 5 the grim situation of annual average concentration exceeds bid. Qiu dong season, in particular, the frequent heavy pollution weather still happens in northern China. Under such a background, the list of poisonous and harmful air pollutants to be introduced. So on July 9, 2018, the standing committee of the National People's Congress law enforcement inspection group on the inspection report on the implementation of the prevention of air pollution are put forward, such as ecological environment department formulated and promulgated in accordance with the law by the end of 2018 list of toxic and harmful air pollutants. It is not hard to see list of or slightly late some, but also in understanding. National atmospheric pollution prevention research center, deputy director of the China environmental science research institute of atmospheric field chief scientist diesel generator company, said the list of poisonous and harmful air pollutants is a very serious problem, 'the name list of scientific selection and determine to go through strict scientific reasoning, but also with the controls. After sufficient demonstration, list can be finalized. 'According to the plan, list for later, will be sent to you by the poisonous and harmful air pollutants monitoring and risk assessment, through the control to reduce the risk, to protect public health, and will monitor system and control system established step by step.
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