OEM custom silicone zero purse

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
Silicone zero wallet OEM custom use environmental protection silicone material, feel soft and easy to clean, light volume, capacity, can fit into a COINS or keys in it. Silicone material is a very good protective film, can prevent hard goods scratched screen, more convenient to receive a little thing. Due to the particularity of the silicone material, the silica gel bag is flexible, and high temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, as long as the silica gel is not zero wallet near open flame, no matter go to the Sahara desert is cold of the Arctic Circle, the performance of the silica gel zero wallet will not change, is a very durable silicone products, so the silicone zero wallet is not easy bad, even a longer life span, can be at ease use. Xiamen silicone zero wallet OEM customization can be done dozens of hundreds of technology, hardware package glue, silica gel zipper wallet, magnet suction or structure model and so on, the surface processing technology and color patterns can be comprehensive, so it's not bad to other product reputation, is the innovation of poor thing! Xiamen silicone zero wallet OEM custom for customized according to your demand, can do any shape, a variety of color and hardness of the silicone zero wallet.
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