Obstacles in Purchasing Silicone Watch Bands in China in 2018

by:Keyuan     2020-07-20
The popularity of the silicone strap is no stranger.Since the first launch of the silicone strap/silicone wristband, it has been a much-watched grab and has since been a trend.However, the purchase or sale of silicone straps will not be the same as in China in the past.
China has revised and implemented a stricter environmental protection law that has shut down or affected tens of thousands of factories in unprecedented pollution control.Many small and mediumLarge silicone parts factory is closed and/or fined after environmental inspection, many large factories cannot deliver on time.The trade-The war between China and the United States is hurting the economies of the two countries.
In China, there are fewer and fewer orders, so it is clear that some companies will not survive until the end of 2018.So, if you are a wholesale or retail buyer of silicone strap from China, then you have to stock up on the strap before the price goes up, or you can still buy silicone wristbands from a company that already has environmental qualifications. certification like this is the right time to make a decision.
Plan it.
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