O the silicone seal in life have what use

by:Keyuan     2020-09-05
For many friends O silicone sealing ring is not a stranger, in the silicone seal is very common in our daily life of sealing products, and the performance of the silicone seal has a unique, so now, no matter in the aspect of industrial, medical and life movement is very extensive. In the life of common pressure cooker, water dispenser, teapot, and so on. In our household appliances is more, because it has high and low temperature resistance, not easy deformation, aging dilated and good resistance to tear strength, good flexibility etc. Now family daily work O the use of silicone seal is also very wide range of its main body is round shape, type O, many different kinds of silicone seals, used in each big industry also is very broad, is now mainly on the use of some industrial machinery manufacturing, the main purpose is to give all kinds of mechanical seal effect under the motion state, in use process, we learned that O silicone seal is mainly used in the mechanical device, in terms of performance to able to play an effective role in the mechanical manufacturing industry, it is mainly used in machine tools, shipbuilding, automobile, aerospace equipment, metallurgical machinery, chemical machinery, engineering machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery, plastic machinery, agricultural machinery, and all kinds of instruments and meters, etc. For different kinds of fixed seal or dynamic seal applications, O silicone seal for designers provides an effective and economic sealing parts. Silicone seal is a two-way sealing parts, when installation, initial radial or axial compression, gives O the initial seal of the silicone seal itself ability, produced by the system pressure and seal force and initial force synthesis overall sealing force, it increase with the increase in the pressure of system. O silicone sealing ring in static seal, shows its prominent role. But it will also be subject to the conditions of the speed and pressure seal.
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