Notice: about room temperature silicon rubber product certification, promote 'shortening' silicone building sealant products notice!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
Room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is widely used in construction field, is one of the important products indirectly affect people's life and property safety. For a long time, part of the room temperature silicon rubber products add bad plasticizer 'shortening,' lead to a significant decline product performance, cause potential safety hazard, and silicone rubber the bad reputation in the industry products. For improving the quality of room temperature glue products, standardize the market order, and gradually reduce and even eliminate the white oil added, promote the development of high fluorine silicon industry quality, according to the standardization law under the State Council, the central committee of the communist party of China action guidance for implementation of quality improvement, Found 【 2017 】 No. 24) , carry out the work of standardization of product traceability on the guidelines '( The quality inspection standard union 【 2017 】 419). Such as the superior spirit and GB/T14683 - file 2017 'silicone and modified silicone building sealant, national standards, in accordance with the China association of fluorine and silicone material industry certification product supervision and management measures, The 2018 version) 》 ( The fluorine silicon association' 2018 】 28) To organize certification and the key enterprises to carry out the silicone rubber at room temperature, the promotion of 'no white oil' silicone building sealant products. The concrete issues as follows: (1) to participate in the enterprise in the room temperature rubber silicone manufacturers member units; Room temperature silicone rubber production comprehensive member units; Temporarily not to accept the association external enterprise certification application. Second, the scope of certification certification products must comply with GB/T14683 - 2017 'silicone and modified silicone building sealant' standards, not add shortening production process. Specific brand independent declaration by enterprises to participate in. Three, processes involved in enterprise by fluorine silicon association [ 2018 】 28 regulations, provide relevant materials, and fill in the declaration form, the inspection table ( See the attachment) Newspaper association secretariat before, on October 28. Association on November 1, organize experts first trial ( Temporary site in hangzhou, zhejiang hotel) , in mid-november organize on-site review and product sampling, through the public products in the years to complete and certification program. Certification is valid according to the fluoride silicon association' 2018 】 28. Four, assigns the organization shall be borne by the fluorine silicon technology development co. , LTD. Beijing certification organization work, by the blue light in the chengdu detection technology co. , LTD. , national quality supervision, inspection and certification institutions such as bear sample test. Five, the other ( A) Product certification fees shall be borne by the certification enterprises. ( 2) Contact: Wang Mingsong 18971472367 ( WeChat with Numbers) wangmingsong@hgxcl。 org。 Cn Ma Xinhua 13911175423 ( WeChat with Numbers) cafsi@sif. org。 Cn annex 1: the authentication products enterprise form in annex 2: 'certification product enterprise inspection table'
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