Non-slip silicone mouse pad feel fine use more comfortable

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
Silica gel mouse pad is also a commodity, silicone mat product in raw materials for processing of silica gel and lycra fabric, usually used for wireless mouse, optical mouse, mouse roller, matching, etc. It USES the man-machine engineering science and design, to provide you with safe and proper wrist protection, reduce use the mouse wrist fatigue brought about by the at work, is the first choice for computer work or play games. Customers can also according to your own need to customize the appearance and brand logo. Silica gel is a kind of environmental protection, health materials, are widely used in our daily life, of course, that is natural also includes the mouse pad in this area. In terms of comprehensive performance, silicone mouse pad in addition to follow the silicone material itself has the characteristics of environmental protection, high elasticity, the overall feel is also very light and comfortable, if not clean at ordinary times, and more convenient to clean. Though silicone mouse pad feel is good, smooth degree online, but need to pay special attention to is in use at ordinary times when touch water to avoid mouse pad itself, otherwise it is easy to cause pad surface be affected with damp be affected with damp and affect the flexibility and accuracy of the mouse operation. Made of silica gel mouse pad, soft quality, with a delicate touch, inside filled with colloid, more strengthened the mouse pad softness, high elasticity, and prevent slippery effect, when the mouse is operated easily, at ordinary times is also easy to clean.
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