Nickel plating graphite conductive rubber performance and the technical parameters is introduced

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Graphite nickel plating high conductive rubber in the industry are also called SG series graphite conductive rubber plating nickel; Foshan is a silicone products manufacturer, the conductive rubber products is our main production of rubber products, the following to introduce the graphite nickel plated conductive rubber performance and the technical parameters, are for reference only. Graphite nickel plating high conductive rubber is a high performance of mixed rubber and graphite plating nickel particles. Is a kind of basic material of conductive rubber liner, the climate can be used in medium corrosion environment, with high cost performance, can satisfy the basic needs of the civilian market. Nickel plating graphite conductive rubber details technical parameters under the figure form: the standard unit of physical and mechanical properties of base material rubber rubber conductive filler graphite graphite plating nickel plating nickel ASTM792 g/cm3 density. 2. 0±0. 25. 2. 0±0. 25 hardness ASTM2240 65 + / - 5 to 65 + 5 tensile strength ASTM412 MPa & gt; 1. 8> 2. 2 elongation at break ASTM412 % & gt; 150> 200 compression permanent deformation ASTM395 % & lt; 30' Mil - 30 working temperature 83528 ℃ - 55 ~ 150 - 55 ~ 150 conductivity Mil - volume resistivity 83528Ω- cm < 0. 08' 0. 1 the resistivity Mil - after aging 83528Ω- cm < 0. 1 < 0. Average shielding effectiveness Mil - 1 83528 dB> 80> 80 + graphite nickel plating technology parameters of the conductive rubber, can be directly linked to the business details, custom order conductive rubber products please contact us directly. Recommended reading: all kinds of high conductive shielding silicone rubber ( More than 120 db) Performance of the industry application of different conductive silver material of electromagnetic shielding rubber application
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