New type of waterproof liquid silicone products sealing material application analysis

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
Design of a product at the same time more troubling for the selection of materials, especially the electronic products now, in our product design must come into contact with the waterproof demand the product, such as on the telecommunications industry more common three mobile phone design, one is the implementation process, and is implemented on material design, the combination waterproof needed to meet customer demand. A new generation of LSR liquid silicone waterproof materials is introduced and the application analysis, its application prospect is very broad, you must learn! With metal insert and plastic composite forming special abilities, make the liquid silicone LSR as preferred materials waterproof silicone structure. LSR has many advantages and characteristics, such as excellent electrical insulation properties, aging resistance, high mechanical strength, good elasticity, rapid and convenient molding, reaction by-products, non-toxic tasteless, using temperature is wide, and health and safety, product strong extendability etc, can be made into different forms, different USES of seriation, differentiated products. The main application fields of LSR including consumer electronics, automobile, medical equipment and medical silica gel products, etc. Comparison of samsung S7 components (in all parts of the fuselage Including Sim cato, receiver, MicroUSB interface, headphone jack, etc. ) That, unlike previous component is added LSR composite forming with metal parts, ensure the waterproofing reliability of these parts. Headphone jack silicone ring is silicone seal ( Silica gel structure) The core of liquid silicone rubber injection molding processing production technology ( LSR/LIM) 。 LSR is the abbreviation of LiquidSiliconeRubber, liquid silicone rubber, and LIM is the abbreviation of Injectionmodingliquidsiliconerubber, namely injection molding liquid silicon rubber products. Injection molding is a manufacturing process, it is to point to have certain shape model, through the pressure will melt of colloidal state ( Liquid silicone) Touch the cavity and the forming, process principle is: the solid silica gel, through the pressure of the injection machine, with a certain rate of injection mold, mold and design is obtained by water cooling will silicone curing and cavity in the same products. Injection molding is a kind of liquid silicone processing way, in addition to the injection molding, liquid silicone rubber casting molding and coating, and the way is used most of the time LSR injection molding processing, so the LSR can also be called LIM. Smartphones waterproof silicone ring is on the original metal parts by secondary molding silicone ring manufacturer, at the same time size smaller than commonly used silica gel circle, and casing/accessories with higher degree requirements, need to adopt more sophisticated ( Trace) Injection molding technology, further enhance the difficulty. Precision injection molding is the key to mould manufacturing, temperature control, pressure control, etc. Mold manufacturing difficulty lies in the mm and micron size control, feed, etc. , ensure the feed temperature control requirements, the temperature of the mold release for stability, feeding pressure control can affect the product blowholes, defects, etc. , will directly affect the reliability of the waterproof function finally. Based on our analysis, used for waterproof silicone structure in the field of consumer electronics require high precision and process control, item value is commonly used in mechanical hydraulic field and is three knot of silicon components several times. We expect the future waterproof technology will speed up to infiltrate in the smartphone, tablets and wearable devices three aspects, the silicone seal structure waterproof technology will be adopted one of indispensable parts in the foundation of the equipment. Nearly three years on the basis of the three areas of global shipments of permeability as well as the waterproof technology to estimate of waterproof technology market space, to 2020 waterproof silicone structure size of the market is expected to reach more than $3 billion. Intelligent terminal waterproof, LSR precision machining technology in the car and a bigger potential market space in the field of health care. It is estimated that the car with silicone rubber parts by use of lightweight materials and emissions standards improve fuel economy, safety, and to promote, to the size of the market is expected to reach $40. 5 billion in 2020, including in the field of auto LSR mainly used in automobile power system and electronic system of seal, o-rings and the surface of the parts processing, etc. Medical and health field is due to the LSR has good biological inertia, therefore widely used in medical apparatus and instruments, organs, healthcare products, cosmetic, etc. Cars and broad space for the industry enterprise in the medical market provides a high enough stretch space.
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