New KN95 ever-upward-spiraling global outbreak, silicone masks upcoming resistance to disease

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
The sudden outbreak, as if to press the pause button for this world; In the face of the new champions of the virus, a myriad of frontline staff and support front-line workers to stand up and rushed at the front, with their flesh and blood to protect wanjiadenghuo, wrote a song and a song of life. New crown since the outbreak, the global medical and personal protective supplies especially the tension of masks have been in short supply, parts of the face to return to work and production at the same time, the school at a critical period, demand the explosion of the masks. Current form basic domestic epidemic has been brought under control, and with the spread of the European and American countries, the new virus in nearly a month of mass diffusion, the us and Italy as a heavy disaster countries, while in this form under the mask made world must taste, as disposable masks and medical n95 masks the demand for more and more big, the factory has started making masks, mass in this serious period, the effect of organic silicon also in actual use, silica gel mask there are multiple brands began to open to booking. Silicone rubber materials have excellent environmental protection, food grade standard, good transparency, high and low temperature aging resistance, mechanical properties of high strength, excellent performance, widely used in all kinds of medical masks, medical fittings, special labor protection articles and personal care products such as production, its main advantage is in the middle of the silica gel mask can be repeatedly used, replacing the middle hot melt cloth, save a lot of cost. KN95 silica gel mask and became popular at present, it mainly adopts 5 layer filter design, high efficiency filter bacteria, droplets, dust, and persist in substance in the air, filtration efficiency above 95%. Its main process by liquid injection molding mould pressing two kinds of processing methods, and solid materials are used to achieve food grade environmental protection gas phase adhesive production and processing, can achieve pacifier material, safe environmental protection, close skin comfortable. High temperature silicone products boiled deformation, reusable after simple and easy to replace filter. Long-lasting, 'cover' your swimming in healthy breathing. In the coming year, I believe that the demand of the masks will keep families saturation, disposable masks will not continue to use after the shelf life of, silica gel mask products is different, can be placed long time preservation, in the next few years I believe masks should be similar, like mobile phone become the necessities of everyone.
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