New intelligent silicone band with traditional strap difference

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Smart silicone band has the very big difference with traditional strap, the common traditional strap made of leather, plastic and metal material, the material strengths and silicone strap take advantage and avoid their shortcomings! Be the best choice of the intelligent band! General discrimination, intelligent silicone strap colorless, tasteless, do not add pigment for transparent, if you add different dyes can also get a black silicone and color silicone, traditional strap up to give a person a kind of hard feeling, if it is metal material will give people a feeling of weight! But the silicone strap worn wrist does not feel unwell, instead will make you feel more comfortable! Long-term wearing silicone strap can prevent ultraviolet radiation from the atmosphere, still can alleviate fatigue, promote blood circulation and so on! In addition silicone strap and good water diffusivity, condensate PaiShi, stay at the grass-roots level of moisture is easy to be out! Maintenance problems about silicone strap recommended reading: silicone watch with how to maintenance and the type of silicone band which you saw above that article for silicone strap everyone should not unfamiliar, in addition to the appearance characteristic, is the most important of his practical function, appearance looks more colorful than other strap color, 3 d effect is very lifelike! As the silicone band to be bestowed favor on newly, also often appear in other activity and diving watches them. Of course in the factory production of silicone watch strap technology alone is not enough, still have to mold, silicone band can do, mainly depends on open mould or not reasonable, to minimize the error, silicon production silicone strap, not only the entire complex shell of the watch is also the production of! Only need to provide drawings or samples or size, we will finish the silicone band production! If you find this article helpful to you, please continue to focus on silicone rubber, or contact us: Mr Dragon mobile: 13392830612 /.
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