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by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
Global chemical scope expanding technology in recent years, from the 10 years since there are a variety of chemical products are mining development and implementation, organic silicon chemical upstream wacker chemical group in recent years also unceasingly enterprising, based in Munich this year, showing a variety of rubber chemical group to participate in Germany conference type surface clinch a deal with solid silicone rubber, silicone rubber processing industry which named ELASTOSIL R plus 4001 is one of the main product main functions as follows. For the first time this kind of silicone rubber products and extensive USES, and show A new hardness performance compared with conventional often hardness silicone products on the market, more can highlight advantages, it belong to shore hardness grade A in extremely hard and soft, rubber to the public for the first time at the meeting in Germany. Another is called: ELASTOSIL R plus 4350/55 high temperature solid silicone rubber is wack show another window of products at the meeting. This product with the help of heat stabilizer, can withstand up to 300 degrees Celsius temperature, elastic or mechanical properties do not change significantly. According to introduction, in view of the solid silicone rubber mixing rubber, ELASTOSIL R plus 4001 processing more convenient, better elasticity and two excellent performance after launch and more efficiency, comparable compared to peroxide crosslinking type rubber crosslinking time needed for up to 50% less, can help manufacturers to shorten processing time, increase production capacity, the generated vulcanizates also has a good mechanical performance, flexible, high plasticity, after many years still can keep the original performance. Through constant temperature curing processing is suitable for the production of various industrial silicone fittings and the seals, etc. , including food grade environmental protection field. Other aspects of its shore hardness of 20 degrees, in the silicone products industry belongs to the hardness, but excellent elasticity and elongation at break is as high as 1200%, this means that the product of the vulcanizates can be stretched to the original length of 12 times without cracking, also won't lose mechanical properties. The second product, by contrast, hardness is located at one end of scale: ELASTOSIL R plus 4001/90 of the hardness of 90 degrees, with almost equal thermosetting materials. The elongation at break of solid silicone rubber though was 140%, but in contrast, it is still resilient, flexible and scalable. It is completely suitable for sensitive application for vulcanizates can be used in the food field. In addition, ELASTOSIL R plus 4350/55 is a type can be used to make high temperature resistant clinch a deal with united silicone rubber silicone elastomer. When, in the development of the product, especially considering how to make it with the base rubber of heat stabilizer to maximize utility, make the type and dosage of stabilizing agent can play a decisive role on the thermal stability of vulcanized rubber. Product can be without difficulty using in extruding silicone processing technology for processing. ELASTOSIL R plus seals made of 4350/55 and the silicone hose can withstand high temperature as high as 300 degrees Celsius, and even a few days in a row, also won't have any damage. A number of high temperature test table even 2000 hours continuously in the high temperatures above 200 ° C, shore hardness, elongation at break, and other important mechanical property is almost unaffected. After crosslinking, the hardness of shore A55, especially suitable for production of oven door and other high temperature resistant silicone seals or silicone components in engine compartment. After vulcanization process of manufacture of the vulcanizates can meet the German federal risk assessment ( BfR) And the United States food and drug administration ( FDA) For the relevant requirement of direct contact with food products.
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