Neck hung fan silicone tube, adsorption hair sticky dust easily

by:Keyuan     2020-09-11
As the weather is getting hot, neck hung fan is a lot of people like, hang a small neck fan on both ends of a truncated hose support 360 ° can adjust arbitrarily kink wind direction, in this section the hose will parcel outside a layer of silica gel works to block the main metal hose beautification, soft and comfortable. Many people would ask neck hung fan silicone tube, adsorption hair sticky dust easily? Neck hung fan silicone tube without special treatment would be easy to stick dust, adsorption shortcomings, such as hair, hair and neck hung fan just distance especially close to all the faults and be amplified, so it need to hang the soft fan silicone tube neck safe and comfortable, also want to hang the fan neck silica gel tube adsorption dirt and impurities hair. Silicone products manufacturers will consider this problem, the use of spray hot oil and special granulating process. Spray hot oil can completely solve the neck hung fan silicone tube surface adsorption and sticky issue, but will increase corresponding to the cost of ink is, after all, on the surface of silica gel tube needed treatment, the principle is the comprehensive package on the surface of the silicone tube to the viscous oil adsorption this this feel isolated, is with a door between them separate silica gel adsorption in the silica gel can't release, this approach can not only solve the dust adsorption hair but also increase the silicone tube and affinity of human skin contact, let a person feel comfortable, and furthermore, combined with silicone tube bright color ( Can be customized various, and color) Part of the customer to increase the neck hung fan appreciation even using double color neck hung fan silicone tube, once after injection pipe adsorption head and sticky dust can completely solve the problems. Another solution is not very practical but also have group in use, that is up from technology to reduce silica gel adsorption ability and sticky dust characteristics. First adjust neck hung fan silicone tube hardness to 40 ~ 50 degrees, shoulds not be too high hardness, the reason to do so is depends on the raw materials of low hardness, this approach by extrusion molding need for injection, can present the appearance of uneven surface is a little grainy, a bit like a bad product but it is not a bad product, this is deliberately make it into this with the surface of the particles are, the advantage is through the uneven pits and each pit with slight high and low, the pit silica gel adsorption ability can be reduced ( Attention is weaken rather than no) Do this has the advantage of neck hung fan silica gel tube adsorption ability of the hair is greatly abate, in order to do not spray can abate sticky ash adsorption ability, from another perspective, neck hung fan silicone tube is to reduce the cost of a lot of, this also is many companies on the market for neck hung fan to control costs and have to choose this way, although this method reduced the adsorption ability but also will lose some of their neck hung fan silicone tube handle.
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