Neck hung fan custom silicone hose

by:Keyuan     2020-09-10
Neck hung fan custom silicone hose with environmental protection silicone materials, non-toxic, no smell, 360 arbitrary curved shape, folding deformation, good toughness, high strength, not easy to break, long life, easy to clean, convenient to use. Suitable for three generations neck hung fan case, neck hung small fan, student desk lamp, car bracket, headphones, camera, gimbal, medical apparatus and instruments, microphone, etc. Neck hung fan custom silicone hose parameter name: portable hanging neck 3 generation of neck hung fan fan silicone hose, silicone tube, neck hung small fan silicone tube material: silica gel + rotate 360 degrees hardware size: 160 * 40 mm ( Can be customized according to customer requirements) Color: multicolor optional support ( International standards PANTONE color can be customized) G: about 30 grams of packing: 500 root/PE bag of silica gel products manufacturer in xiamen to provide OEM, ODM customization neck hung fan silicone hose, price concessions, quality assurance.
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