National price adjustment, silica gel products upstream raw materials soared all the way! Has a price no city!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
The silicone industry in 2018 than usual! Raw material price rise has become a habit, after the Spring Festival is quiet for a long time of organic silicon began as a demon, first the inventory nervous up up up, is a single talk again, later turned out to be not single, only for old customers, to the present price doubled, inventory or less, want to buy raw materials reserve queue in advance, and so on first! A, wacker price increases, expensive organic silicon giant - around the world - Germany wacker price letter, raised its greater China all since April 15, the delivery of functional organic silicon products prices. The price increase involving all functional silicone products, including silicone oil, silicone emulsion, silicone resin and so on. The pricing is based on the product type and business areas, up to 20%. Price letter source: organic silicon price dynamics, is expensive expensive organic silicon intermediates tangshan poetic silicon industry organic silicon monomer enterprises annual capacity of 200000 tons, the current device, two sets of fully open factory recently for contract customers give priority to, temporarily rotary header the report. Zhejiang hesheng annual capacity of 180000 tons, organic silicon monomer device is currently driving at full capacity. DMC recent output for all foreign within, temporary rotary header the report. Shandong luxi chemical organic silicon monomer annual capacity of 80000 tons, is currently running smoothly. DMC price increase 400 yuan today, perform spot to price 32800 yuan/ton water purification, acceptance above 1082. 4 yuan/ton. The unit runs smoothly, short-term no maintenance plan. Annual production capacity of 250000 tons, shandong dongyue silicone monomer manufacturers device at present two sets of fully open, average load is about fifty percent. DMC recent output for all use, no external single, rotary header the report. Zhejiang zhongtian annual capacity of 120000 tons, organic silicon monomer unit start now six or seven. Recently the previous order is given priority to, the suspended orders, rotary header the report. Quote them in various areas of white carbon black, black cats in jiangxi gas phase silica annual capacity of 2000 tons, 150 specific surface area of quoted price 35000 yuan/ton, 200 specific surface area of quoted price 36000 yuan/ton, now order is full. In the Shanghai area, the gas phase, white carbon black market N20 agents of foreign quotation 44000 - 47000 yuan/ton. Xuzhou zte's annual capacity of 1000 tons, the gas phase silica manufacturer 150 gas phase silica surface row of single production, supplies. The market mainstream in 36000 - quotation 38000 yuan/ton. Shandong yehoo new materials co. , LTD. , with annual capacity of 20000 tons, rubber grade silica price 5300 yuan/ton ( Tax package sent to) With the inventory. Sha county of fujian sands precipitated silica products level reference quote as follows, Tax included) :JS280 ( Matting agent) At 7800 yuan/ton, JS185 ( Ordinary rubber sole) At 5800 yuan/ton ( The factory) ; Normal level of adhesive at room temperature to 5600 yuan/ton, ordinary glue level ( Masterbatch) Ex-factory price 7000 yuan/ton, feed additive level price 5900 yuan/ton ( Oil absorption value 2. 5 - 2. 6) And 6900 yuan/ton ( Oil absorption value of 3. 4 - 3. 6) And source slightly nervous, in order to maintain old customers. Silicone oil in east China dow corning the grocers conventional methyl silicone oil viscosity to the 39000 - quotation 40000 yuan/ton (between Tax with packaging) Clinch a deal, the suppliers supply a small amount, average performance. In the Shanghai area, methyl silicone oil market strength, again with suppliers sourcing fair. The conventional methyl silicone oil viscosity tax since the price increase 39500 yuan/ton. Three, also can rise? Recently, organic silicon monomer manufacturers load faster, according to the effective capacity calculation of organic silicon monomer industry starts in March has reached a higher level of 96%. Starts at present domestic companies are close to full capacity, limited capacity in April. Together for nearly 2 months to have a machine silicon effective utilization and overall capacity utilization are at record high levels. Continued tight in supply and demand situation, we expected follow-up organic silicon prices will continue to rise. Four, small comments as a big manufacturer, wacker's overall pricing seems to be a warning to the organic silicon industry: N wave of organic silicon prices is coming ~ we have opened the prelude to price ~ so small I don't have to say much, remind you supply silicone products businesses urgent sources to stock up, boom is coming!
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