motorola challenges apple with a new moto 360 smartwatch

by:Keyuan     2020-07-17
So far, Apple is the only smart watch manufacturer to think deeply about smart watches as fashion accessories.
This has changed today, Wednesday. 2.
With the second-generation collection of the Moto 360 smartwatch, coollais has doubled its design, while claiming that it has also made great technological improvements.
The new Moto 360 is not a watch with some minor changes like the first generation.
There are three basic changes to this watch, each with some customizable details.
The two watches are designed for men, one 46mm, and one 42mm.
They have 24mm and 20mm straps, respectively.
Because the watch has lugs this year (
Sticking out to hold the bit of the strap)
All 360 watches have the right strap in any size, not just the Motorola strap.
There is also a special lady Watch, which is still 42mm at present, but with a thinner 16mm strap, it gives the illusion of a smaller size.
The watches of Themen are silver, black and gold;
The watch changed black to rose gold.
There are multiple border options (
Rolling, chamfer, etching)
The color of the watch is not necessarily the same as the main body.
Taking into account Takeleather and the metal belt, you can get hundreds of possible combinations that fit perfectly with the themto X and Moto G smartphones.
The premium look of this watch comes with a premium price tag: From $299.
By contrast, the current 2014 Moto 360 starts at $149.
With Android Wear now working with the iPhone, Motorola seems to have positioned the smartwatch as a product directly opposite the Apple Watch, and now the price has doubled, the Moto 360 is in the same position as the Apple Watch Sport --
Still far below the tariffs on standard Apple watches.
The biggest performance problem with original Moto 360 is battery life.
Many consumers cannot get a full day of use from the device without the top of Noon --up.
This has improved a bit through software updates, but Motorola says the new watch will perform better out of the box: 46mm watches can be charged up to two days at a time, while smaller watches, the 42mm watches will be between one day and a half.
While Moto\'s software is an Android outfit with special watch surfaces and decorations, everything looks clean and tidy.
Buy Moto 360 and you can access the full collection at Motorola.
Some models will be sold online through Google Play store and Best Buy.
Pre-orders from all three retailers start today and watch plans to buy Best Buy and Verizon retail stores later this month.
You can also book through the Moto Maker customization tool.
This allows you to design each component to get the look and feel you want without having to pick upthe-shelf design.
At present, Moto Maker of Moto Jingdong is listed in the United States. S. United States, Mexico, United StatesK.
France and Germany;
Availability may expand.
In addition, a retail partnership will be established with luxury department store Nordstrom, which shows that people are confident that smart watches can achieve mainstream penetration.
50 to 80 Nordstrom stores in the United StatesS.
Sales of Moto 360 will begin later this month.
This is Nordstrom\'s first smartwatch, indicating that Motorola is trying to sell the 360 as a lifestyle product (
Like Apple does with an Apple Watch).
Each store carries 12 to 15 variants on the watch, more than any other brick --and-Mortar retailer
They will be sold together with traditional watches from the jewelry department of the store.
In addition to the main collection, there is a special moto 360 Sports Edition.
With a fully integrated silicone rubber strap and special screen mode, this watch combines backlight and reflective viewing to make it more readable in direct sunlight.
It is designed for those who want a complete smartwatch function more like the style of the fitness tracker.
The details are still small and the release date is pending.
Starting today, the Moto 360 can be booked directly from Motorola, including custom models through the Moto Maker website.
Prices range from $299 to $429.
Watches also started shipping later this month.
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