molding silicone rubber.

by:Keyuan     2020-07-28
It is said that the silicone rubber used by the company for molding has excellent resistance
Static properties, even in applications that are exposed to high temperatures for a long time.
In addition to the superior basic physical performance of general-
Using silicone rubber, such as good color and the ability to maintain stable dielectric properties, the product provides excellent resistance
Static protection, even if exposed to high temperatures, according to the company.
There are two series of silicone rubber, including KE-9490-U general-
Purpose series and KE-5490-U high-Strength series.
There are three products in each series, including 40 [degrees], 50[degrees]and 60[degrees]
Rubber hardness after molding.
According to the company, silicone rubber is a composite containing highly aggregated silicone polymers and reinforced fillers.
Silicone polymers and reinforced fillers such as silica gel are electrical insulators, and silicone rubber obtained by compounding these materials is charged when in contact with various materials.
The product took advantage of the company\'s reaction.
Static technology. (Shin-Etsu Chemical)www. shinetsu. co.
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