Molding production process how to make the silicone products harden!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Friends don't understand the silicone products, products production and processing technology and the properties and preparation of raw material is a wonder, did not know too much, for the product hardness second nature belongs to secondary peripheral products, silicone products and so on with other materials may occur when lead to performance difference phenomenon is inevitable, so for the silicone products to harden the phenomenon, need how to adjust the hardness? First of all kinds of silicone products production process before the products without forming can be from raw material of the new replacement or refine hardness was further improve products, general silicone products supplier is done to refine the rubber used direct purchase, so don't bother to adjust different hardness, and adjust the hardness of the link is mainly need to know from raw material manufacturers! Improve the content of vinyl and add composition of white carbon black! Silica gel hardness and preparation of raw materials mainly adding different ingredients of vinyl and silicone resin, silicone oil, silica material such as integration, and improve the content of vinyl mainly promote the close degree of silicon chain ( Also need different components of white carbon black, basically be to see how much you need degree of hardness) Vinyl mainly will get more crystalline silicon chain integration points thin body while increasing its connected degree makes the hardness is improved, and the maximum is 90 degrees is the limit, the hardness of the raw material of silicone rubber products mix ascension there is no better way to improve! Another way from mixing glue on to promote the hardness of the product, but this approach only reluctantly can elevate the product hardness, the effect is not too big! Through to get the original hardness of the mixed silicone rubber at the same time, in the add has received the higher hardness of mixing raw materials, such as the hardness of 30 glue suppose to get 50 degrees, 70 degrees can add the ratio of raw materials for up to 50 degree of hardness, and the measurement precision and hardness materials are needed in the process of adding the same weight, as follows: 1, the silicone rubber hardness high adjustment formula ( The measured hardness value - The required hardness value) Present ( The required hardness value Low hardness value) X = needed to add the weight of the low hardness rubber weight 2 rubber, silicone rubber hardness low adjustment formula ( The required hardness value The measured hardness value) Present ( High hardness values - The measured hardness value) X = needed to add the weight of high hardness rubber adhesive material weight
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