Molding process silicone products appear missing Angle in phenomenon, how to deal with!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
For silicone products factory production used adverse phenomenon, the causes of unhealthy phenomenon are numerous, such as the lack of material for missing Angle can be said to be a lot of manufacturers to produce products of every day will appear this kind of phenomenon, understanding of development will appear this kind of circumstance factors are often the most is artificial, such as display materials, the weight of the raw material control, etc. , after groping silicone products small make up for missing Angle missing Angle phenomenon summarized several reasons and treatment methods. Causes of silica gel products lack of material missing Angle, the material is put in the right way is the most serious reasons, sometimes for medium plate die core product needs to be put up and down rubber and mold cavity number is too deep or too complex cases need to increase a little on weight than planned, is one of the most important it put in placed at the same time you can imagine how to make the rubber vulcanization of more comprehensive to ensure there is no lack of material missing Angle phenomenon, the machine mould problem, need to adjust the pressure in the process of sulfide are more than good or lack of material and even have not familiar phenomenon, mold in the process of clamping and exhaust discharge that leads to the wind and the lack of materials, and mold temperature is too high lead to rubber hot dead, liquidity no raw materials, the product is not completed sulfide on time! Methods to solve a variety of reasons are: raw material is put in the center of the relative position, such as the need to set up and down it step by step, the mold can modify unreasonable to rubber and mold cooperate proper, exhaust slot exhaust, extra pendulum material is not change methods increase the raw material, after more than three days raw material vulcanizing agent failure must be from the new mixing meet the flow requirements, guaranteed to cure completely, die pressure and temperature adjustment, appropriate personnel operating mode method to correct. Silicone products molding process belongs to a complex link, don't messing with the production and speed, do and then doing fast otherwise in more bad product is disqualified silicone rubber products factory in xiamen - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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