mold-release agents: product lines reviewed.

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Accurate Color Company
A full range of lubricant powders, particles and liquid dispersion can be used as a slip and anti-slip agent, mold release agent, pigment dispersing agent and gloss modifier.
They can be compounded with other additives as needed.
ADELL plastic Co. , Ltd.
All thermoplastic materials can obtain a proprietary concentrate of silicone liquid.
It is said that concentrate can improve mold release, reduce overall cycle time, reduce scrap and improve part wear and bearing performance.
The company also provides multi-function concentrated liquid.
Air Products & chemical
Produce and sell water
It is said that an external release agent based on good release and reduced build-
Increase molds and reduce VOC emissions.
International aviation technologyOffers user-
A friendly and environment-safe external release agent that does not contain silicone or fluorine-containing carbon, low VOCs and is not a red label.
Products that can be used below 800 F include all 70 (quick air-dry)
Release all 40 (multiple use)
And release all 150 (mold sealer).
Aksu chemical
The company\'s plug-in
Additive 8257-
Model internal model-
Mold Release agent for many polymer applications. FDA-
Approved, its physical performance includes 288-
295 F, proportion 0.
97 at 77 degrees Fahrenheit and 545 degrees Fahrenheit at flash point.
In rigid PVC, insert G-
8257 improve melting-
The flow properties of the formula and the product are reported to have good surface finish, color and physical properties.
In flexible PVC and plastic film, G-
The 8257 can be used at Level 0. 20-1.
50 PCs with good external lubrication or mold
Release properties.
It is reported that Armoslip anti-slip agent not only increases the properties of anti-slip agent and anti-blocking agent, but also acts as an internal mold release agent.
The product is called accelerated molding and extrusion, making the surface of the product smooth, high gloss, closely consistent with the mold details. These high-molecular-
Weight fatty acid amide is dissolved in the resin at the processing temperature, but will migrate to the finished surface as the resin cools.
AKZO Engineering Plastics in 15-
The amount of load used with ABS, acetate, nylon 6, 66 and 20%, pc, tb polyester, PP, PE, PS and SAN is 612.
The company also produces Wil-
A lubricating oil concentrate of hard grease or other lubricants in a multipurpose resin that is compatible with a variety of thermoplastic materials, including vinyls, Polyolefine, styrenics, acrylic, cellulose
They are non-dyed, non-corrosive and low volatile.
Algarlier chemical
The production of a series of plastic lubricants and mold release agents, branded as Alkalube.
The series includes glycerin, simple and complete Ester used as internal, external or intermediate lubricants and flow modifiers for rigid PVC, polyester, phenol, acrylic and nylon. ALLIED-SIGNAL INC. Company\'s A-
Polyethylene and co-
The polymer is low. molecular-
Weight, ethylene-
Base polymer that can be used as lubricant, flow modifier, release auxiliary agent and dispersion auxiliary agent.
It is reported that the product improves the release performance of the thermoplastic resin, increases the output, improves the surface quality of the finished product, controls the melting temperature, improves the thermal stability, reduces the Machine torque, and reduces
In addition, it is said that these products have the ability to moisten and disperse inert materials such as pigments, carbon black, flame retardant and fillers. AMERICHEM INC.
Production of special lubricating oil concentrate for most thermoplastic plastics.
These concentrates are reported to improve wear resistance and demoulding, reducing the war
Reduce material and energy costs, make processing easier and reduce tool wear.
They are provided in the form of cubes, particles or powders, provided separately, or in a multi-functional concentrate containing other additives and colors.
Axel plastic Research Laboratory Co. , Ltd.
The mold Wiz inner forming lubricant does not contain silicone, wax and hard grease.
These impurities-free additives are mixed directly into thermoplastic, thermoplastic and rubber at a level of 0. 1-1% by weight. Spray-
Traffic marking and stacking are eliminated when released.
It is said that the resin flow is increased and the surface is moist better;
Faster cycle and anti-static performance at lower temperatures are also reported to be beneficial.
Keep the mold clean;
No solvent vapor is released into the atmosphere.
Molded parts can be painted, bonded or metal processed without degreasing.
Full set of die Wiz products available, some of which are FDA-approved. BASF CORP. CHEMICALS DIV.
Offers its new range of polyethylene and montan wax, known as Luwax, designed for lubrication, moistening, and molds
Release agent, as well as the dispersion agent of pigment and filler.
According to the company, the Luwax series has a wide range of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPUs)
Nylon, polyester and ABS.
Products can be extruded, injection molding, blow molding.
It is reported that they can control the plasticization time and maximum torque during extrusion.
It is said that they can also reduce the viscosity and improve the gloss of the finished product.
It is reported that when used for film processing, these wax reduces the viscosity without affecting the transparency of the film and does not apply outside. CAMIE-CAMPBELL, INC.
A series of manufacturing is mainly used for injection molding, but includes compression molding, extrusion molding and RIM\'s external mold release agent.
The company also produces a variety of paint and silicone-based products.
Silicone material runs from very lightduty film-
Form a spray for heavy duty products designed for rigid polyurethane foam.
In addition, dry and painful release agents can also be provided --
Based on lubricant, and lightduty and heavy-
Release of heavy-duty paint.
Aerosol packaging or 5-all products-gal or 55-
Gal bulk container.
Sena Products Co. , Ltd. Offers mold-
Release wax made of refined No. 1 carnauba wax.
The company\'s process of compounding Brazil and Brazil into molds-
Release products do not use acid or borax additives, and do not use silicone, acetate or parafin fillers.
Because of this process
It is said that up reduces the color transfer and eliminates the color transfer.
Wax is fully cured before shipment and ready for immediate use in fiber applications
Reinforced plastic, artificial marble and polymer concrete. CHEMAX, INC. Chemstat HTSA-1 and HTSA-
3 is a nitrogen organic compound specially synthesized and designed for use in most thermoplastic plastics as molds
Release additives and anti-slip agents. Chemstat HTSA-
1 used as an additive to teach improved molds-
Release properties of polypropylene film.
It provides sliding and anti-blocking features at a low level of use (0. 05-0. 50%)
For extrusion of film and sheet. Chemstat HTSA-3, free white-
Flowing powder is effective in a variety of thermoplastic resin such as cellulose, polyethylene, PVC and nylon.
It is reported that it can be incorporated into high
The transparent thermoplastic film does not affect the optical properties.
High film
The humidity environment test is still clear and there is no evidence of sliding additive platesout. HTSA-
3 effective at low level of use-0. 05-0. 40%. CHEM-TREND INC.
Complete Series for manufacturing and serving external molds
Release agent including waterbased and CFC-
Free products for flexible and rigid polyurethane, reinforced polyester, roll molding, Thermoforming and thermoforming.
Perma of the company-
The mold is designed for rigid polyurethane foam. Mono-Coat semi-
Permanent products can increase mold productivity while providing multiple versions.
Release does not pile up on the mold and does not transfer to the part.
Companies can also customize versions for specific applications.
Croda Global
The company\'s grams of fat
Acid amine lubricant additives are specially designed to improve mold release in PE, PP, PET, PS, PVC, nylon and other special engineering resins. D-M-E CO.
Offer three levels of lowbuild-up, spray-on mold-
16-release agent available inoz cans. An all-
Purpose silicone Grade provides reliable performance for most applications at an economical price.
Advanced silicone grade can be used for more tricky pasting issues, FDA-
Application for food industry has been approved.
Grade 3, a spray-painted mold release device that can be used for painting, plating, or heating partsstamped. Silicone-
This grade is free for PS and most other resins.
Dexter adhesive and structural materials-FREKOTE DIV.
Produce a whole set of half
Permanent external release agent.
The Frekote release interface is aggregated and chemically bonded to the mold to form a micro-thin film.
The product does not transfer to molded parts, each application provides multiple releases and is hot and stable at high temperatures. CFC-free, solvent-
Available products are: * Frekote 44-
NC for forming epoxy, polyester, polyethylene and polycarbonate. * Frekote 700-NV--an easy-to-use, all-
Use release for most rubber and plastic applications. * Frekote FRP-NC--a high-
Gloss release of molded polyester boat, bathtub, shower, faux marble products and high gloss products
Such as the temperature of the Peek plastic. * Frekote B-
15, it seals microscopic pores on composite materials and aluminum tools.
* Frekote BGS, which seals macro pores on the overall graphite tool.
The new one is Aqualine C-200, a water-based semi-
Permanent mold release agent for aerospace/non-aerospace composite applications.
Products provide the same multiple versions for each application, non-
Contamination transfer and high thermal stability as solvent-
Based on Frekote products.
It also does not contain fluorine-containing carbon, very low VOC, less than 300 mg/L, no chlorine, aromatic or Petroleumbased solvents.
Dow Corning
Silicone fluids are compounded into resin systems in a small amount, such as Dow Corning 200 fluids, reducing friction and wear on most parts made of thermoplastic plastics and increasing their load
Speed capability.
The same additive is reported to have increased its release without spray
On the mold release agent, it is easy to operate automatically and improve the production ratio.
Additional benefits are said to include reduced warping, reduced rejection and savings when released --agent costs. DU PONT CO.
Production of fluordax fluorescent agent dispersion used as an external mold-
Mold Release agent and dry lubricant.
The products are widely used in the molding of rubber and plastic parts.
It is said that it is almost unaffected by mold material or mold products, even those made by difficultiesto-
Release materials such as epoxy resin.
There are six grades, mainly the content of active components, the molecular weight and the dispersion in water are different.
The low molecular weight of Vydax gives lubrication, thermal and chemical stability, non-ignition, and anti-stick and release properties that maintain integrity under a wide range of operating conditions.
Vydax clean no migration, 30-gal drums, 5-Gal barrel and 1-gal cans. (
See also lubricants and processing aids. )
Epolene wax, low-Eastman Chemical Productsmolecular-
The extrusion lubricant of hard pvc has the weight of Polyolefine and monganyl ester.
They are also useful in processing and tooling
Used as a release lubricant for polymers such as ABS, polyester, nylon, polybenzene and PE.
Emory group divisionHENKEL CORP.
Manufacture a wide range of glycerin fatty ester as an internal or external lubricant for tb or PET polyester and PVC formulations.
These products are said to be supplied in the form of solids and liquids, helping to increase productivity, reduce melting temperatures and reduce power consumption.
The company also sells 9380 Emmer wax to the market.
It provides anti-slip/blocking performance for PE and PP and can also be used as a moldrelease agent.
It is said that the product has good thermal stability and extremely low odor.
Silicone Mold for GE Silicone-
Release additives for molded plastics.
Percy Holmes.
Produce more than 20 external sprayson mold-
Release agent called Slidefree.
The company has a new weight-duty, CFC-
Specially designed free release agent to prevent cracks or imperfections on polyester.
Called Polycarbonate 41412, it is smelly and can be used where painting is needed
Stamping or metal processing.
The maximum operating temperature is 600 F.
Henko Chemical DivisionSee Witco Corp. IMS CO.
Provide complete external mold release line in Africa
The CFC gas mist tank can also be used in giant gas mist tanks or as a bulk concentrate for use with solvent carriers or compressed air.
Silicone release is stored at various concentrations.
Organic oil, water-
Soluble Ester spray, DuPont vidyx, dry PTFE and 18 zinc. LILLY-
RAM industrial subsidiary
Lilly industrial coatings provides two grades of internal mold release agent for unsaturated polyester compounds of FRP, one for steel molds and the other for aluminum or plastic tools. LONZA INC.
The company\'s Acrawax C ethylene double hard fat amine wax additive has a variety of particle sizes, including dispersion grades.
The product provides an excellent balance between so-called internal and external lubrication and release performance.
Ester of alcohol (
From monoester and ester of glycerin to tripentyl alcohol four-stearate)
Internal lubricants and molds are also providedrelease agents. (
See also lubricants and processing aids. )
Chemical internal mold-
Release agent for PVC dispersion can be provided. These non-
Silicone liquids are reported to provide good release for various mold compositions and designs, while there is no platform or blur in cured vinyl.
Mallinckrodt inc. CHEMICAL DIV. High-
Purity metal hard grease is used as an internal/external lubricant in the following areas: * Hy dense hard fat calcium HP particles and RSN powder for efficient lubrication of rigid PVC pipes and PVC siding.
* Stearate calcium RSN 248D, used for cleaning the catalyst that remains in the neutral and polyolene.
* Stearate magnesium RSN 1-
1 for lubrication of all ABS resin.
* Stearate zinc RSN 131 HS with excellent clarity/color stability in crystal PS.
* Hy dense zinc carbonate XM powder with low viscosity and good demoulding in polyester SMC and BMC.
* Hy is a high density zinc ultra-fine as a dispersion and color concentrate.
George man.
Offering its aqualtro 2802 water-
External mold release based on polyurethane.
It is reported to have eliminated the rest
Common problems with water
Based on the release agent.
Proprietary emulsion in aqualtro 2802 eliminates the problem of sticking together because of the formation of polyurethane, which may occur in the first few cycles
On the surface of the mold.
Eliminates the need to season the mold using silicone or other substances, thus speeding up the start timeups.
Easy release and permalogic is a complete theme and a half
Permanent mold release agent and paint.
Ease Release 200 and 300 are local mold Release agents for polyurethane and epoxy casting and molding.
3000 and 3500 are half
Permanent coating of rubber, polyester and epoxy composites.
Permalogic 2264 is suitable for polyurethane HR foam and polyurethane elastomer that require non-transfer and multi-release. A.
Margolis & Sons
Silicone Mold is provided.
Meirui Chemical Co. , Ltd. Mold-
PCR liquid external release agent can be used in a very small amount (0. 01-0. 05%).
It is said that it is not flammable and has peculiar smell. and color-
Free and silicone free, so paint, print or metal work on the product without expensive cleaningup operations. M. MICHEL AND CO. INC.
Plastic Additive S-
53 t3 higher-alcohol-
Auxiliary materials based on extrusion, casting and calender, mainly designed for flexible PVC, to prevent the plastic from sticking to the mold and mold.
Park Chemical Co. , Ltd.
Complete mold release agent series for polyurethane molding, including traditional solvents-Foundation and water
Flexible, semi-agent-based
Rigid, rigid, whole skin, dumpingin-
Placement, Microcell and edge foam. Custom-
Designed products can be used for special applications, including modular glass for cars, steering wheels, and interiors.
PETROLITE special polymer group produces microcrystal wax and synthetic polymer as lubricants, molds
Release agent and dispersion agent in color concentrate, crystal core agent (EPS)
, And anti-block (PP film)
Used for thermoplastic resin.
The micro-crystal wax is extracted from petroleum and has a highmolecular-
Weight mixture of straight and branch
Chain Hydrocarbons from 170 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.
Many of them are suitable for food.
The company offers low wax PE waxmolecular-weight, high-
Density, crystalline polymer.
The melting point ranges from 185 to 260 F.
It is reported that many people meet FDA requirements and are used to improve the appearance of EPS and optimize the cost/performance of rigid PVC pipes.
The Zylac lubricant of hard PVC can reduce the cost per linear foot of pipe and Profile extrusion.
Low Vybar polymermelting (125-165 F)
Hydrocarbons used as a paraffin modifier, such as molds-
Lubricant in mold release agent and hard PVC.
Poly compounds companyOffers a water-
According to external mold release, good demoulding efficiency is provided.
Release, a hydro-
An alcohol solution that produces dry film, liquefied fatty acids working on various substrates on molded parts, including unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin, and rigid or elastic polyurethane. If post-
The mold processing needs to remove the release, and the release can be removed by simply flushing with water. POLYVEL INC.
Special additive concentrate in powder or particle form: * RZ40 recommended for nylon, ABS and PS.
It is said to develop excellent molds-
Release properties and lubrication under the use level of 0. 5-1. 0%.
* RE40 is suitable for PP, PE and EVA, it is reported that it can reduce the stick mold and improve the release of parts at the level of use of 0. 5-1. 0%. ROGER A. REED INC.
Production of internal lubricants and molds for synthetic wax.
Reed Plastics Division
Sandoz chemical companyOffers custom-Make the mold-
Release concentrate for thermoplastic.
A multi-functional concentrate containing mold release agent and pigment can also be provided.
Concentrate is provided in the form of powder or granules.
SHEREX chemical
A variety of fatty acids, alcohol and amino lubricants are provided.
Hydrogen fol fatty acids are used as internal and external lubricants and molds
Release agent in PVC, ABS, phenol, polyester and PS.
Adol fatty alcohol and Adogen fatty amide are also used as internal and external lubricants.
Professional Products Co. , Ltd.
Provides a wide range of external molds
Die release agent/lubricant for enhancement
Plastic mold.
The in-house release/lubricant handling aids for layups, SMC, BMC and PULL-UPS eliminate the need for expensive applications before molding.
The company launched a new half.
Permanent release and mold sealer for RTM, fiber winding and pressure forming. SYNAIR CORP.
A series of mold release agents are provided to prevent adhesion when casting and molding.
Syncube 531, 1000, 449 and 1711 represent a product line from wax base to silicone.
Synthetic Products Company
The full range of Synpro metal hard grease lubricants offers grades tailored for specific plastic applications: for PVC (
Flexible and rigid), Synpro-
Flo 15F and Synpro-
Flo 92, said to be easy to disperse, lowdusting, high-
Powder products;
Synpro-for HDPE and llannanFlo 91;
For PP, Synpro-Flo 91. (
See also lubricants and processing aids. )THERMOFIL, INC.
Offering its Thermolube production line-
Auxiliary concentrate for all thermoplastic materials from PS to PPS.
It is said that the advantages include faster cycle time, better mold release, energy consumption reduced due to lower inventory temperature and cycle
More than 10% of the time is reduced.
Products are also reported to be more economical than aerosol spray release agents. TIODIZE CO. , INC.
Offer Tiolon X20, a high
Performance four fluorine outer mold-
Mold Release agent and lubricant for injection molding applications.
The product dries in a few minutes to extend its service life;
No transfer or construction-up.
It is translucent color, the thickness of the film is very thin, 0. 0002 to 0. 0007 in.
, With fluid, chemical, wear-resistant and corrosion resistance.
Tiolon X20 can also lubricate anodized aluminum by dipping the oxide layer, which has been reported to extend the wear life and provide excellent release properties.
The product is supplied in aerosol or bulk form.
United Carbide chemical and plastics, INC.
The production of silicone liquids of various viscosity, as well as organic modified liquids.
Both are used as internal lubricants and mold release for thermoplastic plastics.
The typical product is the L-of the company-
45, used when the viscosity is 10,000 to 60,000 cst.
Silicone liquid can reduce the friction coefficient, improve the wear resistance, and improve the surface appearance and gloss of the molded parts.
They also provide a lower melt viscosity to better fill the mold
Reduce and reduce cycle time in injection molding.
They are reported to be excellent internal mold release, reducing or eliminating the need for molds for external applicationsrelease agents.
Wacker silicone
Provides a wide range of external silicone release agents, providing defects-
Free surface with high quality and low rejection rate.
Features include temperature stability, low surface tension and uniform moisture on the surface of various molds.
The company says the product offers multiple versions and an excellent shelf life. (
See also lubricants and processing aids. )WITCO CORP.
Henko Chemical Division
Provide the following internal molds-
Release additives: * Kemamide E, S, B and U primary fat amides for PE, PP, PS, PVC, PU and rubber molds-
Release, slide and blocking agent.
* Hystrene fatty acid recommended as mold-
Release agent and lubricant in PS.
* Atmos 150, Atmul 84 and Dimul S foodgrade, mold-
For the release, anti-static and anti-corrosion of olefin and PVC.
* Internal model Moldpro series-
Release agent and processing aid for olefin, engineering resin and elastomer.
Tianding Tool Co. , Ltd.
Provide chemical release agent.
Mold release can be used from light-duty to heavy-duty.
The company also offers lubricants, anti-rust agents, cleaning agents and miscellaneous products.
Batch sizes can be obtained for some versions. ZIP-
Complete external mold range for CHEM products
Release and mold
Repair products.
Formula provides high satisfaction
Technical specifications for pharmaceutical, electronic and aerospace markets.
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