mold-release agents.

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ADELL plastics
The proprietary silicone fluid concentrate produced by the company for all thermoplastic plastics improves mold release, shortens overall cycle times, reduces waste products, and improves part wear and bearing performance.
AIRTECH Advanced Materials Group releases environmental release agents for all metal and plastic molds free of fluorine-containing carbon, low VOCs and non-fluorine-containing carbonRed Label.
The product works up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit and is easy to clean.
Safelette 30 PTFE
Silicon-free mold release, solvent-free, 100% water-based.
American Association of chemical drugs8257 additive-
Type internal mold release for many polymer applications. FDA-
Approved physical performance includes 288-
5) rigid PVC, G-295 E
8257 improved melting-
Flow properties and yield products are reported to have good surface finish, color and physical properties.
In flexible PVC and plastic film, G-
8257, at Level 0. 20-1.
50 PCs for external lubrication or mold-
Release properties.
The Armoslip slip agent adds sliding and anti-blocking features and is released as an internal mold.
The product is reported to speed up molding and extrusion with smooth surface and high gloss, very consistent with the mold details. These high-molecular-
Weight fatty acid amide is dissolved in the resin at the processing temperature, but will migrate to the surface of the product when cooling.
American ingredients company
Provide a series of glycerin with the granularity used as a mold-release agents.
The Pationic 901 fine beads act as an internal mold release in polyolene and provide anti-static and lubrication benefits.
Pationic 909 and 919 very fine beads are beneficial in rotation
Molding Applications by helping mold release and effective mixing of pigments. AMERICHEM INC.
It is reported that the special lubricant concentrate for most thermoplastic plastics improves wear resistance and mold release, reduces warpage and scrap, reduces material and energy costs, makes processing easier and reduces
Cubes, particles or powder products provided in individual or multi-functional concentrates.
Research Laboratory of Axel Plasticsand solvent-based semi-
Permanent release is an active resin solution that provides a long-lasting release film by cross-linking, curing.
Xtend products for all types of resin and composite molding applications, including open molding, compression molding, Vacuum transfer, RTM, RIM, and filament winding, provide a wide selection of mold sealers
Baker Petroleum Polymer
Synthetic polyethylene-based low-molecular-
Weight polymers and related derivatives and microcrystal wax used as molds-
Die release agent and blocking agent for thermoplastic elastic materials, polyurethane, polystyrene and olefin in film, foam and injection molding applications. FDA-
Compliance with many products. BASF CORP.
Chemicals Luwax PE and montan wax used as lubrication, moistening and molds-
Release agent, as well as the dispersion agent of pigment and filler.
Compatible with various tpu, nylon, PC and ABS.
Extrusion, injection molding, blow molding.
It is reported that during the extrusion process, the product can control the plasticization time and maximum torque, reduce the viscosity and improve the gloss of the finished product.
It is reported that in the process of film production, these wax reduces the stickiness without affecting the transparency of the film, and does not pave the board. CAMIE-CAMPBELL INC.
It is mainly used for injection molding, but includes an external mold release agent for compression molding, extrusion molding and edge molding.
And a series of pigments and silica gel-
Based on very light productsduty film-
Heavy duty products specially designed for rigid PUR foam form spray.
Can be released as dry and egg yolk-
Based on lubricant, and lightduty and heavy-duty.
Products provided in aerosol packaging or 5-5gal or 55-
Gal bulk container. CHEM-PAK INC. Mold-Ease mold-
Mold Release agent for injection molding.
Other products include silicone and paint-able non-silicone release, egg yolk-
Based on release, mold cleaning and mold rust-
Prevention products.
There are aerosol and bulk. CHEM-TREND L. P.
Lusin mold release agent and additive for most molding applications.
Products include artificial and semi-artificial
Permanent release as well as mold cleaner and sealer.
The markets served include automotive, aerospace, composites, ships and all other FRP manufacturing processes. CHEMTURA CORP.
Silicone fluids in the viscosity range plus organic modified fluids are used as internal lubricants and mold release for thermoplastic plastics.
The typical product is L-
45 for viscosity from 10,000 to 60,000 cst.
The product can reduce the friction coefficient, improve the wear resistance, and improve the surface appearance and gloss of the molded parts.
Other internal molds
The release additives include Kemamide E, S, B, and U primary fatty acids of PE, PP, PVC, PUR and elastomer.
Hystrene fatty acid recommended as a release agent and lubricant in PS.
Atmos 150, Atmul 84 and Dimul S foodgrade mold-
Release, anti-static and anti-corrosion of olefin and PVC.
Mold inside Mold
Release agent and processing aid for olefin, engineering resin and elastomer.
CLEARCO Products Limited, INC. High-
Molded Materials prepared without a chlorine or methane chloride are sprayed with performance silica gel.
The product is dry immediately and is FDA compliant and non-flammable and does not contain any class I ozone
Consume chemicals. COGHIS CORP.
Plastic Technology DepartmentFatty-
An ester used as an internal or external lubricant for various engineering resin and PVC formulations.
Supplied in solid and liquid form.
Helps increase productivity, reduce melting temperature and reduce power consumption.
Specific polymer multi-functional ester for mold release in rigid and flexible PVC, such as loxiols G70S.
Other Ester, such as Loxiol hob719, is effective as a mold release agent for acrylic resin, aldehyde, and PC.
Loxiol g71 s is a release agent for polyurethane.
The simple Ester includes the loxiols G33 and loxiols G47 for PC. CRODA INC.
Used to reduce friction coefficient, improve mold flow and mold release additive in PE, PP, PET, PS, PVC, nylon and other special engineering resin.
These high purity additives are not helpful for mold manufacturingup. DEXTER CORP.
From Ceara Products Div. , mold-
Release wax made of refined No. 1 carnauba wax. Build-
It is said that up reduces the color transfer and eliminates the color transfer.
Wax thoroughly cured before shipment and ready for immediate use in fiber
Reinforced plastic, artificial marble and polymer concrete.
From Frekote Div. , Frekote mold-
Release products for elastic, thermofixed and thermoplastic forming applications: * Frekote 44-NC/55-NC semi-
A permanent, non-transfer release interface for molded fiberglass, graphite, and boron-enhanced epoxy and BMI composites. * Frekote 700-NC/770-NC general-purpose, semi-
Permanent mold release agent for operations requiring high slip difference, such as in fiber winding. * Frekote FRP-
NC polymer release interface for forming fiberglass boats, bathtubs, showers and artificial marble sinks.
* Water Park-
Products that provide performance comparable to traditional solvents
Based on the mold release agent, it is suitable for forming rubber parts or composite parts from the heating mold. * Frekote CFC-
Free mold sealer and mold release agent for polyester and rubber;
Composite materials, epoxy resin and roll plastic PE applications involving safety and environment. D-M-E CO.
Three levels lower. build-up, spray-
About mold release available in 16-oz cans. All-
The purpose economical silicone Grade provides reliable performance for most applications.
More tricky pasting problems and the FDA\'s advanced silicone grade-
Application for food industry has been approved.
Grade 3, a spray-free mold release device that can be painted, Plated, or heated partsstamped. Silicone-
Free for PS and most other resins.
Dow Corning
Silicone liquid, coating, dispersion and emulsion used as internal and external mold release for most plastic, polyurethane, metal and rubber mold materials.
Silicone liquids in the viscosity range are basically non-toxic, and the environmental harm is very small.
Heat stable for industrial, food and medical level.
Release coating includes fast
Cured silicone resin, paint-able material, 100% silicone fluid and resin/fluid mixture.
Some products of food processing and packaging were approved.
Scattered products include rooms
Curing to the temperature of the tough rubber coating vulcanization rubber.
Good release from sticky material, from-57 to 204 C.
The emulsion can be non-ionic or anion and can usually be applied by brushing, spraying or rubbing.
Good lubrication, stability and waterrepellency.
Used for acrylic, epoxy, rubber and casting.
DuPont Performance lubricant Krytox dry-
Semi-lubricating oil
Has a permanent release feature in a variety of plastic and rubber forming applications and provides a highly non-stick surface with chemical inertia, non-ignition and thermal stability to reach 500 F.
Krytox is a clear, Super
Low molecular weight, fluorine-
A liquid dispersion dried into a film.
Krytox DF, DF/IPA and DF/W dispersion can be used as concentrates for 14 lb, acetone and water, allowing users to customize the dispersion for easy application and full coverage.
Specially formulated, ready-to-
The use of Krytox products can also be used as release agents for specific applications.
Eastman Chemical
Epolene olefin wax is provided as an extrusion lubricant for hard PVC.
It can also be used for the processing and mold release of ABS, polyester, PC, nylon, polybenzene and PE. FERRO CORP.
Plastic pigment DIV.
Synpro hard fat metal lubricant Synpro hard fat calcium 15F and Synpro-
Flo 92 of flexible and rigid PVC is easy to disperse and lowdusting, high-
Scattered grains.
114-Synpro hard fat calcium36, 114-
40, and Synpro zinc chloride 8 for high density polyethylene, llannan and PP.
XRP mold-
Mold Release agent for reinforced plastics with more effective release, improved surface, faster wet-
The mixing viscosity is reduced and the processing properties are improved.
Franklin Industrial Co. , Ltd.
QS9000/ISO9001 certified company provides Diamondkote and Aqualift solvents-free, water-
Implement multiple releases and increase productivity based on the combination of release agents and tool surfaces.
Product reduction build
On the tool surface and parts, extend the tool life between the cleaning.
Freeze without precipitation-thaw stable.
Applications include rigid PUR, RIM and integral-skin foams;
Polyester FRP for bathtubs, spas, showers, faux marble and boats; thermoplastics;
Also epoxy and pi.
Silicone Mold-GE Advanced Materials
Release additives for molded plastics.
The HYPERLAST North American release agent series prevents adhesion when casting and molding.
Syncube products from waxSilicone BaseFoundation and water
Based on formula. IMS CO.
Release of external molds in aerosol tanks and aerosol tanks or bulk concentrates.
Release of silicone stored at different concentrations.
Organic oil, water-
Soluble Ester spray and zinc carbonate.
Exclusive ecology
Cube system, ready-
Turnkey packaging for application of pure molds-
Release fluid using compressed air.
Custom, automatic mold
There is also a release spray system. LONZA INC.
Ethylene double ethylene unit
Hard fat amine wax additives in various particle size ranges including dispersion grades.
The product provides an excellent balance between internal and external lubrication and release performance.
Ester of alcohol (
From monoester and ester of glycerin to tripentyl alcohol four-stearate)
As internal lubricant and moldrelease agents.
MERECO product Department
METACHEM resin core Metapart 7582 outer mold of carbon fluorine compound-
Version of bulk packaging. M. MICHEL & CO. , INC.
Plastic Additive S-53T3 higher-alcohol-
Auxiliary materials based on extrusion, casting and calender, which are mainly used for flexible PVC, can prevent the plastic from sticking to the mold and mold. Michel XO-
24 is used as an overall processing additive for resin such as linear PE and PVC.
The component is FDA-
Approved for food
Contact application, and can be used as a release agent inherent in its function as an electrical resistance agent.
Also, Michel XO-
24 improved mold release and disassembly
Statistics were made without significantly reducing the surface resistance of the molded or cast resin. PENRECO DIV.
Pengsi Products Co. , Ltd.
White mineral oil and oil released externally or internally.
All USP and NF grades comply with FDA food regulationscontact use.
Plastic Processing Equipment Co. , Ltd. Silicone mold-
Publishing agents include the economy
The standard concentration of spray is 6%, and the high concentration is 15%. Hi-
Wire silicone spray specially designed for molded plastics and other plastics that are sensitive to solvent contact.
Agents excluding silicone include
Can be painted, Hi-
Spray paint, Teflon dry powder, Krytox dry wax, 18 zinc, neutral oil and egg yolk.
The formula is suitable for applications involving decoration or printing.
Batch formula available.
Mold cleaning agent and anti-rust spray are also provided. POLYVEL INC.
Special additive concentrates in particle form include: * RZ40 of nylon, ABS and PS has reportedly developed excellent molds
Release properties and lubrication under the use level of 0. 5-1.
The 0% * RE40 of PP, PE and EVA reduces the stick mold and improves the part release at the level of use of 0. 5-1. 0%. PRICE-DRISCOLL CORP.
Complete release agent series with dry release, biodegradable release and cleaning devices, food and medical application products and hot solid release molds.
General purpose and plastic
Specific mold releases include bombs
Yellow Label for general purpose and bomb lubricants-
Lubricating Oil blue label can paint mold release.
The company\'s parfiles are available for polyester, epoxy and polyurethane resin, which are co-blended.
Precision formulations for special applications include anti-static spray and general purpose products for PS, nylon, PC, PE and PP.
FDA has released anti-stick drugs
Approval of primary and secondary food contact.
All products in pressurized spray tank and 50-
1b gas cylinders and non-
1-bulk packaging of aerosol in, 5-and 55-gal containers. ROGER A. REED INC.
Provides internal lubricant and mold release for synthetic wax. RHODIA, INC.
Providing 16 alcohol NF and 16 alcohol-
It is released as a mold in plastic. SHERWIN-
Williams diversified brand two-wire mold-
Non-release agentozone-
The consumption formula does not contain fluorine-containing carbon or fluorine-containing hydrocarbons.
The Premium 800 series and the Economy 300 series are safe on most plastics with low or no smell and fast
To reduce confusion and evaporation without residue.
Products include food
Silicone grade, heavy-
Duty pain, dry film Vydax, dry powder zinc acrylic, drawable egg yolk Ester, polyurethane and silicone of styrene and heavy-
Heavy duty silicone formula. USDA-and FDA-approved.
There are also spray chemicals and Krylon coatings in more than 300 colors.
SILOGRAM lubricants
Silicone Mold is provided.
Slide Products Limited
Releases in various preparations; most are 100%-
Chemicals that do not contain ozone. Light-, medium-and heavy-
Tariff formula includes environment-safe water-
Economic-based release
Spray release, silicone and non-silicone release, medical product release, food release
Approve the release and decorate after the release.
The product has aerosol and bulk formula.
New cleaning product molds and metal wipes for mold cleaning and degassing products are non-flammable fast drying formulas for removing oil, wax and grease from the molding or mold surface. SMOOTH-ON, INC. Mold-
Release agent is solvent-based, water-based, semi-
Permanent coating and 100% solids.
Will be customized. STEPAN CO.
Plastic and fiber additive Zelec mold release is the recommended internal mold release agent in polyester, vinyl and specialty resin systems.
It is effective in the manufacturing process of composite materials such as SMC/BMC and pull-up.
The new series of viscosity modifiers and additives is both a release agent for the resin and a viscosity modifier
Fill the composite system. STONER INC. External mold-
Meet the requirements of UL and FDA.
There are silicone, non-silicone and spray-painted mold release agents.
Products packed with ozone
Friendly containers of aerosol and bulk liquids.
In addition, mold cleaners and anti-rust agents for aerosol or bulk.
Color Company TEKNORDIV.
Teknor apex co. Internal mold-
Release concentrates in various thermoplastic and engineering resin carriers can include other additives.
Simplify processing with custom concentrate to eliminate multiple weighing-up errors. TIODIZE CO. INC.
Tiolon X20 four fluorine outer mold-
Mold Release agent and lubricant for injection molding.
Dry in minutes to extend service life without transfer or buildup.
It is translucent and the thickness of the film is very thin, 0. 0002 to 0. 0007 in.
Resistant to fluid, chemicals, wear and corrosion.
The product can also lubricate the anode alumina by dipping the oxide layer, which is reported to extend the wear life and provide excellent release properties.
Xie industrial companyCrystal semi-Yongjiu water
Mold-based release for rubber compression, injection and transfer molding operations.
VALSPAR composite is used for two internal release agents of unsaturated polyester compounds of FRP.
One for steel molds and the other for aluminum or plastic tools.
Wacker silicone series silicone external release agent provides defects-
Free surface with high quality and low rejection rate.
Features include temperature stability, low surface tension, and uniform moisture on the surface of various molds.
There are multiple versions of the product, long shelf life. ZIP-
Department of Chemical ProductsOF ANDPAK-EMA, INC.
Environmental protection products to meet high demand
Technical specifications for pharmaceutical, electronic and aerospace markets.
Products with FDA and UL ratings.
Dedicated to the development of environmental safety maintenance products to maximize the productivity and life of the mold. Mold-
Release agents, cleaners and preservatives provided by dealers nationwide.
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